Metaverse Games to Include Generative AI 

Metaverse Games to Include Generative AI 

Metaverse games are expected to include generative AI into its games. The generative AI will mostly be utilised in its virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) games. 

With this AI integration, users will be introduced to a unique gameplay that utilises a ‘non-deterministic’ path. Meta’s main area of focus will be its Horizon, which is the company’s very own collection of games, apps and other creative assets. The company may expand even expand to PCs and phones in the future. 

This new development also means that Meta will be joining Artificial Agency and Inworld in terms of integrating generative AI into its games. 

Metaverse Games to Include Generative AI 

Metaverse Games and Horizon

Meta has found it difficult to attract customers to buy into Horizon. Though the company’s Quest headset is doing quite well, with the headset selling more than 20 million units, the same does not extend to Horizon

In addition, Horizon includes Meta Horizon Workrooms, Meta Horizon Home, and Meta Horizon Worlds. These games are online multi-player games offering players with a virtual reality experience. 

The tech giant had previously mentioned its plans to expand its grasp on generative AI by investing billions. Mark Zuckerberg had, however, admitted that making a profit from generative AI would take quite a while. 


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