Multi: A Collaboration Platform is Now Owned by OpenAI

Multi: A Collaboration Platform is Now Owned by OpenAI

Multi, a multiplayer collaboration platform has now been acquired by OpenAI, days after the AI tech giant bought Rockset.

The acquisition will see Multi’s employees consisting of five members moving over to OpenAI, which is the parent company of ChatGPT. The closure of Multi’s website has also been slated for 24 July 2024. This website enclosure also means the deletion of all user data.

Multi’s CEO and co-founder, Alexander Embiricos has confirmed the enclosure of the company’s website in a blog post. Charley Ho, Multi’s other co-founder, has also expressed his excitement about Multi’s acquisition on his X account. 

OpenAI’s move to acquire the company may be part of its recent strategy of reinforcing enterprise solutions. 

Multi: Behind the startup

Multi, previously known as Remotion is a video-conferencing platform which enables remote teams to collaborate through live video chats. The collaborative platform allows users to talk live instead of typing and scheduling meetings. Users could share one screen for multiple purposes. Multi also enables users to collaborate and establish rapport with the face-to-face conversation that feels and appears natural and working together. 

The startup was first launched in 2020 exclusively for macOS as a screen-sharing application that had the potential to rival the likes of Zoom. Multi was formally known as ‘Remotion’ and the reason for the name change was due to the company’s shift in direction. It was initially meant as a video-calling application for remote work during the Covid pandemic. However, the company felt ‘Remotion’ was limiting as they geared up to expand horizons beyond the remote workplace.

Multi is based in San Francisco, California, United States. The startup has raised $13 million in capital from venture capitals including First Round Capital and Greylock. 


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