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With Netflix’s new iOS Controller app, you can now play games on TV

By introducing its Game Controller app, which enables customers to play games on their TV displays, streaming juggernaut Netflix...

Sep 26 · 50 sec read >

TikTok Shop Formally Opens its Doors in the US

With the complete launch of TikTok Shop in the United States, social media company TikTok is stepping up its...

Sep 15 · 1 min read >

Instagram is Experimenting With 10-minute Video Reels For Long-form Content

The Meta-owned site is attempting to increase the maximum duration of Reels to 10 minutes, a move that could...

Sep 6 · 1 min read >

Within a Month, Usage of Meta’s Threads App Dropped by 79%

Within a few days of its formal introduction, Threads had tremendous popularity and racked up over 100 million sign-ups....

Aug 28 · 1 min read >

Instagram is Developing a Function For Recording Audio Notes

Users will soon be able to record audio notes on Instagram, which is owned by Meta. On his broadcast...

Aug 28 · 1 min read >

The Most Recent ChatGPT iOS App Update Includes Customised Instructions

For the iOS ChatGPT app, OpenAI incorporated Custom Instructions. Discover how to activate it (and what to do if...

Aug 12 · 1 min read >