Protect your business from financial fraud with KYC Hub

Are you worried about increasing financial fraud worldwide and want to protect your business from them? I have a solution for this...

Are you worried about increasing financial fraud worldwide and want to protect your business from them? I have a solution for this problem, which is KYC Hub.

Technology plays a vital role in all sectors and increases crime risk. As per reports, money laundering now accounts for about 5% of the world’s GDP. But only 1% of these transactions get caught.

Co-founder Famoush Mirmoeini, with years of experience in the banking industry, highlights the issue. They noticed that outdated systems and manual processes make costs high, letting actual money laundering slip through the cracks.

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How does KYC Hub work?

The platform owners mentioned, “In our extensive banking careers, we’ve directly observed how legacy systems, inefficient technology, and manual processes pave the way for fraud.” 

Recognizing this, KYC Hub steps onto the scene, utilizing cutting-edge technology to streamline due diligence procedures and enhance checks on businesses or individuals. The results were awe-inspiring. There was a remarkable reduction in customer onboarding, from a six-week trial to a swift one-day affair.

The impact of KYC Hub’s technological revolution is quite impressive. Users experienced positive results after implementing this system. The risk compliance infrastructure of the tool is already boasting a rapid reduction in false positives and a substantial decrease in alerts. It can uncover hidden risks that may initiate other due diligence processes. As a result, this led to a reduction in client operational costs.

What’s the impact?

KYC Hub Making Waves: Nominated for Five RegTech Insights Awards, Taking on Industry Giants”

It now empowers organizations to combat financial crime from Singapore to the United States. Their decision to leverage AI in this mission has already proven successful. However, the future looks promising, with continued dividends on the horizon.

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