Scientists Safely ‘Teleport Pictures’ Through a Network Using Light Only

An international team at the University of the Witwatersrand and ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Spain, published research in Nature...

An international team at the University of the Witwatersrand and ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Spain, published research in Nature Communications. The study demonstrates the teleportation-like transport of light “patterns.” This marks the first method capable of transporting pictures across a network without sending images physically, a crucial advancement for realizing a quantum network for entangled forms. This ‘Teleport Pictures’ technique will be a revolution in the world.

Quantum communication at long distances is vital for information security. While two-dimensional forms (qubits) have been demonstrated over extensive satellite distances, this new quantum optics approach permits a broader alphabet. This enables the secure description of more complex methods in one shot, like a distinctive face or fingerprint.

Teleport Pictures

Research Details of Teleport Images

The Wits University’s principal researcher elucidates that information is conventionally sent physically between two parties, even inside the quantum domain. Recent breakthroughs have made transmitting information without physical travel feasible. However, it effectively transforms the concept of teleportation from “Star Trek” into a reality. Teleport Pictures has been successfully showcased using three-dimensional states, such as a simple three-pixel image. However, the process necessitates using extra entangled photons to obtain higher dimensions.

The team successfully demonstrated the quantum transfer of high-dimensional states in this study by utilizing only two entangled photons. It marks the first experimental achievement in this field. This conveyed the impression that the information was instantaneously transmitted from the transmitter to the receiver. The breakthrough entailed the utilization of a nonlinear optical detector that obviates the necessity for additional photons while accommodating any desired pattern for transmission.

The researchers have attained a new cutting-edge level of 15 dimensions, and this methodology can be expanded to even greater dimensions. However, this facilitates the establishment of quantum network links with a substantial information capacity.

Teleport Pictures Practical using Banking App

Consider a scenario where a customer desires to transmit confidential data, such as a fingerprint, to a financial institution. In conventional quantum communication, transmitting information necessitates physical transportation from the consumer to the bank. It exposes it to the possibility of interception, albeit safe. 

In the suggested quantum transport method, the bank transmits a solitary photon (a component of an entangled pair) to the consumer devoid of any data. The customer utilizes a nonlinear detector to integrate the information. However, this causes the information to instantaneously arrive at the bank as if it had been teleported there. There is no transmission of actual information between the two parties, rendering interception meaningless. Moreover, the connection between them is formed by exchanging entangled photons.


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