Siemens, SureCore, and Semiwise Collaborate on Quantum-Ready Cryogenic CMOS

An essential part of quantum computing systems, Siemens Digital Industries Software, has announced a partnership with sureCore and Semiwise to create revolutionary...

An essential part of quantum computing systems, Siemens Digital Industries Software, has announced a partnership with sureCore and Semiwise to create revolutionary cryogenic CMOS circuits that can function at temperatures close to zero. This collaborative endeavor can revolutionize future-ready integrated circuits (IC) by reducing power consumption. However, its performance is increasing in quantum computing, which is at the forefront of HPC R&D.

As soon as control circuits that can function at cryogenic temperatures become available, the quantum computing potential for high-performance computing rapidly expanding applications can be realized. Technology for designing cryogenic CMOS circuits with cryogenic SPICE models and simulators. Semiwise built, it utilizes Siemens’ state-of-the-art technology for analog/mixed-signal integrated circuit design, and it can perform accurate analyses even at cryogenic temperatures.

Cryogenic CMOS

Cryogenic CMOS all details

The IP (intellectual property) was created using Siemens’ Analogue FastSPICE (AFS) and is now being transferred to sureCore by Semiwise. This will allow sureCore to create its groundbreaking CryoIP line. However, it will facilitate the design of CryoCMOS control chips essential for realizing quantum computing’s economic potential.

Siemens, Analogue FastSPICE platform, & SolidoTM Design Environment software were utilized by sureCore to develop its CryoIP product line. In addition, the Analogue FastSPICE software from Siemens demonstrated remarkable skills in working with cryogenic device models from foundries. This aided in efficiently verifying and designing digital, mixed-signal, and analog circuits without convergence problems. The outcome is an impressive degree of precision and efficiency, paving the way for future revolutionary developments in quantum computing.

Moreover, using the 22FDX® PDK from GlobalFoundries, sureCore is quickly approaching its foremost CryoIP tapeout.

The relationship is a clear demonstration of Siemens’ commitment to pushing the field of quantum computing forward’, stated Amit Gupta, GM and VP of the Custom IC Verification Division at Siemens Digital Industries Software. However, the innovative solutions and technologies created may push the limits of high-performance computing to new heights.


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