PlanQK research project charts new path for quantum apps in Germany

The PlanQK research project has presented its findings after 4 years of research. To make quantum computing accessible to organizations of all sizes, the consortium, which the Academy of Sciences at Berlin-Brandenburg hosts, presents the PlanQK forum and ecosystem. This connects quantum-developing organizations, researchers, and end-users.

Quantum computing is changing the game for companies because it can analyze complicated situations more quickly and with more understanding. However, current hardware lacks the processing power and precision to claim a quantum edge over traditional computers. Still, companies and academics have begun putting evidence of concepts and initial use cases to the test. During their four years of study, the PlanQK organization investigated more than 30 quantum computing applications, such as optimizing financial portfolios with QUBOs or detecting credit card theft.

PlanQK research project

PlanQK Research Project Details

The PlanQK research project has accurately predicted the future quantum worth chain’s structure, according to the results of the completed research period. Researchers, organizations working on quantum technology, end-users, and hardware providers can work seamlessly on its platform. Organizations of any size can deplete quantum solutions and apps and seamlessly integrate them into current processes. However, developers working on quantum applications can use various platform services, including hosting, maintenance, and billing.

Thanks to the backing of over a hundred organizations and a partnership of nineteen prominent businesses and academic institutions, PlanQK has progressed to become the first internationally recognized European forum for quantum apps. However, Anaqor, who is leading the consortium for PlanQK, is quite excited about the results. “Thanks to the BMWK budget, we’ve been able to discuss the early stages of quantum computing’s economic and technical potentials,” says Dr. Mathias Petri, co-founder and chief sales and marketing officer. This established platform and active ecosystem prepare us to launch professional and productization marketing with vigor.

In 2024, the startup hopes to build upon the knowledge acquired during research and incorporate more quantum computing solutions into its platform. A robust, internationally focused ecosystem of large corporations, startups, and associations supports this effort, creating an exciting setting. Launching in early 2024, PlanQK will provide users with state-of-the-art technology on the platform and opportunities to connect with other professionals through user group meetings and conferences.


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