Snapchat New AI features for Snapchat+ subscribers!

Snapchat+ just got a boost! With 7 million paying members, up from 5 million in just three months, Snapchat introduces fresh Snapchat...

Snapchat+ just got a boost! With 7 million paying members, up from 5 million in just three months, Snapchat introduces fresh Snapchat New AI features. The update includes an excellent text prompt option for creating AI images in the composer. 

Snapchat New AI features
Image Source: Snapchat

What are Snapchat’s New AI Features?

Snapchat has stepped up its creative game! Similar to Dall-E and Midjourney, Snap introduces its visual creation method. Now, you can craft awesome artwork right in your stream.

According to Snap:

Express yourself in a snap! Use AI to send a friend something that’ll brighten their day, even if the perfect scene is nowhere in sight.”

And that’s not all – Snap is also unveiling a cool outcropping feature. Thanks to AI, your images can now extend beyond their original borders.

Now, Snapchat’s New AI features lets you team up with friends using the “Dreams” feature. Collaborate on AI images and include each other in your creative masterpieces. Friendship meets creativity with Snapchat+. 

Good news for all Snapchat users! While Dreams is accessible, non-subscribers can create eight free Dreams images. Any additional creations come for 99 cents. Now, for Snapchat+ subscribers, you get a monthly free pack of 8 “Dreams,” offering another fun way to connect with friends on the app. Enjoy the perks!

Image Source: Snapchat

New Snapchat+ Version

Snapchat+ just got more enticing! Now available as a Christmas gift on Amazon, these new additions aim to boost the value of the subscription. The goal is to attract more Snapchat+ users during the holiday season, leveraging the visual updates as promotional material. 

Among the newer social media subscriptions, Snapchat+ has stood out as a massive success, surpassing sign-up numbers of X Premium and Meta Verified despite being around for a similar period. While YouTube Premium boasts over 50 million subscribers and LinkedIn Premium has 174 million, Snapchat+ remains a standout success in the newer subscription landscape.


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