Snapchat AR Advancements Might Consider Exploring New Avenues

Snapchat, immensely popular among younger users, faces the challenge of sustaining growth amid tough economic conditions. Despite a solid user increase, surpassing...

Snapchat, immensely popular among younger users, faces the challenge of sustaining growth amid tough economic conditions. Despite a solid user increase, surpassing 400 million daily active users, Snap has grappled with revenue optimization and escalating costs. Snapchat AR is going to explore new capabilities for users. This year, they’ve trimmed jobs and scaled back ambitious projects in response to financial pressures. Notably, growth hurdles persist in North America and Europe, the primary revenue-generating regions on a per-user basis.

Snapchat AR Exploration

While Snap holds substantial revenue potential in emerging markets, it’s not a major income source. Despite the growth of Snapchat+ subscriptions, boasting 7 million paying members, it contributes modestly to the overall business intake. With 7 million subscribers, Snap generates approximately $81 million per quarter from Snapchat+, whereas Snapchat generated $1.189 billion in Q3 this year.

With limited resources impacting its innovation capacity and the imperative to maximize revenue, the question arises: what’s Snap’s next move?

Snapchat AR

Initially presumed to have an advantage with its leading AR development, Snap has historically been a trendsetter in augmented reality experiences. The anticipation was that Snap, with its advanced AR creation tools and immersive experiences, would capitalize on the growing interest in AR, especially with new wearables in the works.

While Snap is still set to unveil its AR glasses, is undergoing limited testing, and has been working on a full-fledged Snapchat AR version of Spectacles for over two years, production costs and spending constraints have narrowed its options. The release of consumer AR Spectacles doesn’t appear imminent at this stage.

What does Snap do for the future?

Should Snap make a bold push, aiming to outpace Meta and Apple in the AR wearables race? Or have their ongoing projects surpassed Spectacles, diminishing its potential for significant revenue from AR glasses?

The emerging landscape indicates that Meta is gaining ground with its advancing Ray Ban sunglasses, positioning itself as a frontrunner in the field. Despite Apple’s upcoming $3,499 Vision Pro headset, it’s tethered to a processing device and comes with a hefty price tag, making Meta’s Ray Bans more attractive. Moreover, the aesthetics of Meta’s offering outshine Snap’s current AR Spectacles. 


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