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How AI Can Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaigns?

Our world today is a lot smarter owing to AI which has made it possible to automate tasks and improve efficiency. AI...

AI Can Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Our world today is a lot smarter owing to AI which has made it possible to automate tasks and improve efficiency. AI Can Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaigns, It was once a concept that we read about in textbooks or watched in sci-fi movies. Today, it is very much real and has become an asset for most industries. In fact, AI is more pervasive than we can even imagine. From traffic lights to the chatbot on websites, AI plays a major role in our day-to-day activities.

Digital marketing campaigns are no exception to the use of Artificial Intelligence. AI is now also prevalent in the digital marketing domain as well, working in the background while making pay-per-click advertising more effective, personalizing websites, creating content, predicting behavior, and more. Marketers are quickly realizing the benefits of the technology, and 84 percent of marketing organizations are implementing or expanding their use of AI and machine learning. (Forbes, 2018).

#1 Content Generation

You need quality content to make your digital marketing campaigns a success. And it takes time to create quality content for your specific marketing needs. Artificial Intelligence or AI helps to create content for your digital marketing campaigns faster than ever. With the rise of NLP or natural language processing in AI, the content generated looks and feels as if it has been generated by humans. You can create social media posts, webpage content, articles, blogs, and even specific content such as subject lines of emails. Content generation by AI in digital marketing campaigns is important to cut down on costs and improve time.

#2 Right Audience

How AI Can Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaigns?

The success of a digital marketing campaign depends on reaching the right audience. You need various data such as the demographics of your target audience, their preferences, and behaviors when shopping online. Once you collect the necessary data, you can design effective digital marketing strategies with the data. AI helps you to collect data from various sources that enable you to develop targeted messages for your audience. This find out what appeals to your audience – such as the blogs they have read, or products they are looking for. AI Can Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaigns and It has the ability to determine which content will be most effective for the target audience and can deliver the right message to the customer at the right time.

#3 Customer Engagement

AI can help determine customer engagement on different digital marketing channels as it can track transactions quite easily. And you can offer personalized ads and information to your customers with the help of AI. When customers get what they are looking for, they engage with your brand in a positive way. At the same time, AI can help you know when customers are disengaging from you. This allows you to run an assessment as to why the customers are withdrawing and create digital campaigns to re-engage and lure them back.

#4 Chatbots

Chatbots have become a common and integral part of most websites. Chatbot is software with an AI component that helps to answer customer queries. Chatbots can help to scale up your customer services as they are always on and offer a significant cost advantage. You do not need to hire people to answer mundane and common questions from customers. At the same time, customers do not need to wait for your offices to open to get a resolution. Chatbots can help to collect data from visitors such as their email and contact information.

#5 Predictive Analysis

AI can be used to effectively collect data and make predictive analyses when designing or developing digital marketing campaigns. Predictive analysis is important as it helps you to gain a competitive edge over your competitors and enables you to find newer avenues for generating revenue for your business. Without using predictive analysis, you will not be able to reduce the risk factors and make the right decisions to take your digital marketing forward. This is by far the most important role of AI in digital marketing campaigns.

#6 Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important digital marketing channel and AI plays a crucial role in determining its success. Today, the average person receives close to 50 emails per day. Therefore, it is imperative that your email stands out from the rest and piques the interest of your customer for them to open and read it. AI is essential for creating personalized emails based on customer preferences and behaviors. With the help of AI, you can schedule your emails to be sent out when your customers are online and at the recommended frequency to get the best results.

#7 Digital Advertising

AI is widely used in digital advertising for data collection and analysis to offer the best experience to customers across various digital platforms. AI helps you to create compelling ad copies as it offers you unmatched data processing and predicts click-through rates and bids that would get the highest traffic to your website.

#8 Internet Searches

Search engine optimizations are a major area of focus for digital marketing. Unless your business website appears at the top of your searches, you are not going to get visitors. With the advent of AI, the way searches are done is completely changed. Voice searches, for example, are becoming increasingly popular as people use their smartphones to access information online. At the same time, AI such as Siri, and Alexa run searches on the internet through voice commands or by pressing single buttons. Digital marketing campaigns must take into account these advanced searches in their strategy so that your business stays at the top.

#9 Website Experiences

AI can personalize user experiences when surfing websites by presenting deals and information according to the relevance of your customers. AI does this by analyzing user data such as demographics, equipment, engagement, preferences, and behaviors of visitors. This helps users to stay interested and therefore, invested in your website for longer. You can even use AI to design and develop professional websites as per your requirements which can save time and cost.

#10 Product Recommendations

Positioning your goods and services right where your customers can see them is key to the success of your digital marketing campaigns. AI collects information on customer searches and uses the information to recommend your products. AI can be used to conduct surveys, market research and discover trends to enable you to showcase your product to your potential customers. Using AI in digital marketing campaigns can help you reach customers in a better way.


AI has begun to come into prominence in our work and home lives. AI is embedded with the technology we use in our daily lives and is a powerful way to make our lives easier. As digital marketers, we must harness the power of AI to create user experiences that are unique. We must work towards optimizing consumer experiences and ultimately boost brand loyalty, generate revenue, and increase profits by making AI software and tools an integral part of our digital marketing campaigns.

There is a lot of speculation on AI and how it can replace the skilled digital marketing workforce. That is not the right way to look at the advancements that AI brings to your business. AI is not sentient and it cannot therefore run on its own. Instead, AI is a tool that makes it easier to maximize capabilities and in fact, AI has simply upped the game for all players in the market. If you want to stay on top of your competition, you need to modify your digital marketing campaigns and incorporate AI trends. Make use of AI software tools and techniques to develop effective digital marketing campaigns that are sure to bring success.  

Written by Sachin Agrawal
Sachin Agrawal is an Enterprise Architect and heads up Business & Technology at Tarika Technologies.

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