Social Media Platforms like Threads and X Will Not Motivate Misinformation

Social Media Platforms

The social media giants Instagram and X have shown their disagreement towards motivating and promoting any political news on their platforms to avoid chances of misinformation.

Newspapers vs Social Media Platforms

It was around 10-15 years ago when hardcopy newspapers had a value. Where people would rely on paperwork flooded with news articles to get some knowledge of what would be running around, and that newspaper would become the blueprint of everything we see in social media today.

Social Media

Newspapers were always criticized for misinformation and confusion in society. Although apart from the news it was a great platform for businesses to advertise their products for fresh freelance writers to write articles and blogs for the newspaper.

Years passed by and today tech companies like Meta, Reddit, X, etc, have created their platforms with similar features of providing services for users enabling them to write anything, and business to advertise their products.

The Trend of Digital Journalism

Newspapers continue to be published and distributed the trend and interest have shifted from hardcopy to digital spaces. Many social media platforms have become the first preference spot for gathering information and news for many users. People trust information that pops up on their Instagram feeds which has led to political and national disputes in the past.

Instagram Threads and X on political misinformation

Instagram Threads and X have decided not to amplify any news-related posts posted by users to avoid misinformation. Although users can post news headlines, opinions, etc. The platforms have stated that there shall not be any amplification of such posts. Hence, posts with political opinions and information might not get much push.


Misinformation is a major problem in the modern era. It opens doors for confusion and ill practices like scams to have their plans well established. Steps like those taken by Instagram and X are a good initiative. It should inspire other social media platforms to take similar actions. The world is running at a very fast pace. A small misinformation could cause great problems.

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