Reddit Selling Data to Google for AI Training Purposes?

Reddit is selling data

In a very recent report, it has been speculated that the American social networking site, Reddit is selling data to Google to train AI bots. Reddit has signed a $60M/year deal with the company. Let’s take a look at what’s going on between the organizations.

Why Reddit is a Good Catch for Data?

Reddit when compared to its potential competitors was the first to showcase itself on the internet. Launched in 2005, the social networking site has data of almost more than 16 years. With users constantly creating a buzz within its interface, Reddit has managed to be one of the prime sites for information, community, pop quizzes, gaming and so much more.

This makes Reddit the best potential server for data learning. AI in the modern time is catching up it’s way. With companies like Open AI, Midjourney, etc. Google Plans to take the best hand on it. In order to do so Google is seeking to keep its AI up to date. A good knowledge of the data history will not only make the intellectually strong but also more aware of the times.

Google vs OpenAI

It is for sure that it was after OpenAI launched ChatGPT, its revolutionary AI bot that the world paid massive attention to the potential of what AI could do. But companies like Google have been in this race for a long time, with Apple having introduced SIRI in 2011 and Google having their voice assistant. The OpenAI bot ChatGPT not only gave good competition but opened a new way to look at AI and how it could be used more productively.

Since the release of ChatGPT, we have seen Microsoft’s Copilot, Google’s Bard which is now Gemini, and so many more AIs. But Google seems to be the closest one to have come so far to ChatGPT. Google has more current data than ChatGPT, which is limited to 2022.


The Gemini is ahead when compared to all other AI-assisting bots. Google has taken the AI race as its highest priority it seems. Google and Reddit are teaming up on AI training to create faster and smarter AI inventions. With the steps observed, it doesn’t seem like Google is running for the competition but setting the ground for one. One must keep in mind that Reddit sells data to other companies, even as AI continues to advance.

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