Learn the Pros and cons of Instagram

Pros and cons of instagram

If you are an Instagram user, there is a possibility that you have your view or opinions about the pros and cons of Instagram? Instagram is being one of the most used social media sites. I personally consider it to be a giant social media site.

The evolution of various social media platforms has led to the foundation of this amazing app. Instagram is mostly based on visual content. Many people share their social lives with this app making it fun. The majority of people have an account on this app thus it’s a great way to interact with your loved ones. To connect with your best buddies that you are missing is actually an amazing feature.

With its inception, many things have been revolutionized. The way of business, to present on their social account takes a lot. The days of traditional marketing are gone. Nowadays, every business has an Instagram account. Increased interaction on these kinds of app has lead to decreased real-life talk. Today people judge another person’s life by seeing their social media accounts. However, there are both pros and cons of Instagram.

Today we have enlisted the pros and cons of Instagram, to make our readers more cautious about how to maintain their social presence without meeting any bad happenings.

Pros of Instagram

1. Extend your reach

Instagram helps you to connect with all your friends whether they are living in distant places. Thus, it helps you to access and to socialize with a wider audience. It helps you to chat with your friends to share photos, videos, etc. This helps to maintain friendly and cordial relations with your friends. Over 1 billion masses are using Instagram which is really great exposure. When someone got featured in explore section, it makes the user more famous.

You can follow your favorite celebrities, models, or any influencer who you feel inspires or motivate you. Instagram expects every great actor, model, or any role model to which people look upon to have an account so that people could see their favorite star.

2. Business account

Promoting your business on any digital platform is a great idea nowadays. In this way, you can get some valuable insights and can maintain cordial relations with your clients. This not only helps to increase your customers and earn more profit but also helps in branding your business.

Most other promoting ways, ask for some amount of money but here it is all free. Make use of Instagram hashtags to reach your target audience. By studying the metrics and analytics, it will help you to boost your sales.

3. Building engagment is easy

While organizing any contest or competition, Instagram helps people to engage in those contests by just easily commenting on their post or signing from their user id. While trying for a giveaway contest, you can also give prizes in the contest. Mostly this idea serves as a promotional event for branding your trademark. You can use different hashtags to engage more and more users in your contest.

4. Build people’s curiosity

To build people’s curiosity, you can add some stories from your business account. However, you can add stories about any new product or new scheme to gain more curiosity from your audience. This will help to promote your new product and schemes by giving them a greater reach. You may also use a countdown feature to get them more curious about the new deals. This will make your followers more engaged in your business.

5. Polls

Well, to get valuable feedback, polls in a very sophisticated manner. It is done in no time. It takes like 2 seconds to just click on the poll to get the valuable insights of your customers. Actually, this helps the business to know what customers actually want. They produce new deals as per the requirement of the customers.

6. Earn on instagram

One can even make money on Instagram. By becoming an Instagram influencer, affiliate, reseller, or by making your own store on Instagram. An influencer as a beginner earns by advertising a specific product or service. Whereas by becoming an affiliate you’ll start selling other goods or services through your personal Instagram account. Moreover, you can also make your own store or start your business on Instagram and can promote your own products/services.

Cons of Instagram

1. Overwhelming advertisment

Instagram has bombarded with the most unnecessary and fake advertisements which actually use to cheat people. Of course, Instagram as a promoting platform is great but anything in excess is a curse. More advertising after two or three posts is kind of irritating.

2. Creates the need of fake live

For a more social life, youngsters are obsessed with great numbers of followers and likes on Instagram. Thus, this makes them need to pretend what they don’t have. They show off their lavish lifestyle and parties which most of them can’t afford. Eventually, they end up going broke. Thus, the obsession youngsters have in mind is crazy.

3. Addictive

Actually, it is a very addictive all and drives all your time. The time you must be spending building your future is mainly spent on Instagram. Today’s youth don’t bother about the future, they waste their time by scrolling Instagram instead of studying or exercise. Rather than learning new skills, they are obsessed with having more likes.

4. No copyright

It is based on visual content. Anything can be reused as no one has a copyright. Thus, making it an infringement of privacy. Any other person takes credit for the work done by another person. But, most people find this app exciting with new features.

5. Technical limitation

This app is only available on the android platform. Many have tried to create an online platform but no one can match the real experience one gets from using an app. Actually, it has a terrible web version. Images here are not suitable for any other platform when compared to Facebook.

The final takedown

Though this app has great advantages it does not overwhelm you because of its disadvantage which plays a major role. While using this app, you should always be pretty conscious of using such social media platform. Hackers can also hack your account making you vulnerable to bad experiences. Obsession with likes and followers can destroy your life as an excess of everything is bad. At last, there are pros and cons of Instagram but it is a good app if you just pass your leisure time without obsession, and besides its disadvantages, it is a really amazing platform to share your photos and videos.


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