WhatsApp Update: Block Spam Directly From Your Lock Screens


With the new update, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature allowing users to block spam directly from their lock screens. This enables the users to manage unwanted messages. Users can block or report the sender/contact by just a long press on their screens. This update aims to improve user control and security while emphasizing the ongoing issue of spam messages on the platform.

Spam messages have been a trouble to the users for a long time. From the time since when users were somewhat friendly with the interface of WhatsApp there was a rise in the spam messages found in by the users. This update is a good control over it and will be appreciated by the users. In the last update, WhatsApp Launched a New Feature, “Silence Unknown Callers,” for iOS and Android. Making things more secure and easy with both Upgrades.

How to Block Your Spam Texts?

Users can either tap-hold on the notification and choose from the options. For eg, if a user receives a spam text, He/She can tap on the notification which will prompt a bunch of options out of which users can pick to choose the block option in case they wish to do so. Users will also find an option to report spam texts.

An alternative method to block, report, or add your spam contact is by going to the contact’s profile and finding the options to block or report.

Cross Platform Messaging

WhatsApp is also working on inviting possibilities where users could receive chats from other platforms keeping in mind the end-to-end encryption messages. WhatsApp if not good has been commended for their security and privacy. Recently WhatsApp employee shared the company’s plans to look for alternatives for registering to WhatsApp than phone numbers.


WhatsApp has worked on one of the most important features of a multi-billion user company, i.e. security. The block and report feature from the notification in the WhatsApp update is gonna help users keep track of their safety as social media consumers and be safe users of digital communication.


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