WhatsApp’s Imagine Me Feature Under Development

WhatsApp’s Imagine Me Feature Under Development

WhatsApp’s Imagine Me feature is currently under development as per recent leaks. However, the upcoming feature has not yet been released for beta testing. 

Imagine Me is alleged to be released in an updated version of Whatsapp for Android, v2.24.14.13. The new feature can be accessed in WhatsApp’s Meta AI chatbot, which was recently released. 

The upcoming feature has been expected to enable users to make custom stickers using their selfies. In addition, Imagine Me is powered by the Emu image synthesis model allowing users to create graphics simply using words. 

Users can also customise their pictures through image and animation effects. Thus, this upcoming feature makes WhatsApp more personalised for users.

WhatsApp’s Imagine Me in MetaAI

The Meta-owned messaging app recently introduced the Meta AI chatbot globally for users. Meta AI is an AI chatbot that generates appropriate answers and responses to users. It is powered by Llama 3 and its recent release on WhatsApp shows Meta’s clear plans to integrate AI into all of its apps and platforms. 

WhatsApp has recently been going towards an AI route as evident with the introduction of Meta AI. The AI chatbot uses Bing and Google searches to provide responses and answers to users. The AI chatbot can be accessed by tapping on the blue-pink ring after which, users will then be taken to a separate chat with Meta.

Imagine Me may be accessed through the MetaAI chatbot on WhatsApp by entering: @Meta AI imagine me. 


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