YouTube Warns Using AdBlocking Applications

If you are someone who has not been living under a rock you must have felt the sheer rise in the advertising...

AdBlocking Applications

If you are someone who has not been living under a rock you must have felt the sheer rise in the advertising campaign in the YouTube space. Where once social media was just a mere streaming platform now holds a big marketing value. Users have reported witnessing more than 2 ads in a single video. This has caused frustration among many users, causing many to use third-party adblocking applications.

YouTube quite recently has streamlined its platform in a way that offers ad-free streaming services but only for premium users. This has amounted to lots of users switching to alternate browsers with adblocking applications to some installing extensions.

AdGuard is an ad-blocking service for Microsoft Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, and iOS. AdGuard is also available as a browser extension. It has been one of the most used Adblocking applications used to block ads running on YouTube. Although AdGuard has not been affected by YouTube’s policy since its app doesn’t use YouTube’s API.

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According to YouTube it only allows third-party apps to use their API when they follow their API Services Terms of Service. YouTube has now shown its concern for users using AdBlocking applications. It warns everyone using Adblockers. YouTube is encouraging its users to use the premium version to avoid advertisements. This might not be pleasant news to all users, but according to YouTube’s policy standards, it shall take appropriate actions if found not following the policy guidelines.

YouTube is focusing on building its walls of policies and guidelines stronger than before. We saw it planning on labeling AI content earlier this year. With this breakout of Adblocking applications, one can only argue that YouTube has lost its freedom as a streaming platform. Users have raised their voices on YouTube becoming a marketing hub lately, with companies promoting advertisements. However, the debate of good and bad will remain subjective.

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