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SEO tips and tricks: What to keep our focus on?

Do you know just like every other thing, even the world of search engine optimization is constantly changing? A lot has changed....

seo tips and tricks

Do you know just like every other thing, even the world of search engine optimization is constantly changing? A lot has changed. It was done to help the business do the SEO work without any other hurdle.  But, there are times when we need to know the right tips and tricks that could help us rank these articles on the search engine better. And being completely clueless search it on every other internet site. Do we get the right tricks completely? We do not. So, here we have helped you get those, complete SEO tips and tricks. And, by the end of this blog, you will get a complete yet better idea.

Why knowing about the SEO tips and tricks are important?

It is a question that is asked by a plethora of businesses today. They ask us, why can’t just hire someone to do this work? Won’t that be beneficial? The answer to that is pretty simple. You should know the tricks so that you can hire someone on those grounds rightly. There are cases reported where the businesses trust the wrong agency because they have no right knowledge about it.

Moreover, even though you are not looking to hire an agency and want to work on it yourself, you should be well-acquainted with it. You can plan out other activities better. For an instance, do you know that targeting the right keywords isn’t all that is required? You should work on the right set of keywords to get the desired results. And, what do we do? We have formed this idea that no matter what, we can attain good rankings if we link the keywords. Well, this isn’t true and enough in the era of 2020.

Keywords tell a lot about the users. They often describe the problem or even pain areas. And give us a brief about what the users are struggling with within their current SEO business.

So, without any more discussion let’s start with the 8 most important SEO tricks and tips. And the same is mentioned as follows:

1. Get rid of anything that can slow down your site’s performance

 A slow loading site hinders your site’s performance. And why not, will you wait for a couple of minutes for a site to load? Then how can you expect someone else to wait for

cannot add anything that puts a test on their overall patience?

 Furthermore, 40% of users switch to the other sites if a site takes more than 3 seconds to load

 It has been witnessed that even highly trustworthy sites, do this pretty often. Do you know why? It is because it can make your site appear authoritative. So, if you are penning down a blog connect it to 2 other trustworthy sites.

3. Write content with an ideal length

Gone are the days when a user was bored of reading long content. Instead of scrolling and referring to 2 or 3 contents side by side a user now relies on just one-in-depth content. A user wants to read well-structured content that is presented in a fun way.

You can conduct your site audit, and it will suggest an ideal word limit for the page. It usually ranges between 2000-2300 words. Work on the structure and the format to get the best results.

4. Always write for humans at first, the search engines will decode it anyway-

Do you know which contents rank higher on the search engine? That associates or solves the human’s direct problem areas. So, here is the pro tip that you would be requiring.

Whenever you write that content, always remember that you should adhere to 3 important rules- always agree to the problem areas, promise, and assure the reader and preview the contents of the blog.

 Always add the keyword in the first 10 percent of the blog.

Always address the issue in a way that you understand the plight and have been through the same.

In such cases, you are connecting with the user. You are allowing them to bond with you. And, he will keep on reading this article. The more the number of reads without them switching before 20 seconds on your site can make Google rank your site accordingly.

Bottom line

Always write for the user, and do not forget to connect with them. Once you master this rule, you can rank on any search engine. SEO tips, tricks, and shortcuts aren’t that complicated. It is humans who have little knowledge that makes it complicated.

In any case, you are looking for guiding agencies then look no more and trust.


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Written by Adar Chakma
Hello, I'm Adar Chakma guest post, expert. And loves sharing about technology and related terms.

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  1. This time, I liked the solution concept along with explaining the problem. Every time, implementing the new ways of writing the article is awesome.
    This information made my concepts more clear about SEO tips. You explained everything very nicely.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. There are a significant degree of uncommon contemplations in this post. I believe you keep this quality level up so ready to appreciate essentially more unimaginable substance from your side. This Web journal Is Exceptionally Pleasant Much obliged For Sharing Its Exceptionally Supportive Information Thank You.

  3. Hello.. very nice to read this blog.
    I want to ask something. If i put url in facebook plugin comment, is that relevant for seo tehnique? and, it is work?
    THanks and bes regrads

  4. Hello Adar,

    Informative post. Thanks for your research and sharing the same with us.

    Yes Adar very well said and completely agree with you a good content, always writing for the readers and helping them and connecting with them is the first and important thing to be considered to increase your ranking.

    I really appreciate all the various SEO tips and tricks you explained as these are the most important and useful points to keep in mind. This post is definitely going to be very useful to all the aspiring and newbies bloggers. Keep writing.


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