Top 10 courses and certifications for artificial intelligence courses

Top 10 courses and certifications for artificial intelligence courses

Artificial Intelligence or AI is used normally for the development or innovative creation of machines that can perform activities that normally need human intelligence. It has proven to be beneficial in various industries such as healthcare, physics, and so on. Nowadays, it is considered very beneficial for most of the business industries.

These courses are best suitable for any individual may it be beginner, intermediate, and professional.

Best Courses and Certifications – AI

Some of the best certifications and courses available are as follows:

Machine Learning AI Certification 

If you are really interested in pursuing a career in Artificial Intelligence, this might be the best choice for you. This program has been chosen by almost 2,612,800 students and experts or even more from all over the world. This program also has received incredible ratings.

You can accumulate the basic concepts and fundamentals associated with this field. For instance, kernel, support vector machines, neural networks, and so on. It requires 55 hours for you to finish this course. 

Course Provider: Coursera

Artificial Intelligence

Individuals are interested in acquiring knowledge regarding the methods. Principles and strategies to be able to find appropriate solutions for any business issues or problems. You will go through all the crucial concepts like the effects or impacts of AI in the industry. You will also accumulate the skills associated with the tools that are crucial for the creation of effective solutions. You need around two months which is equivalent to four or six hours per week time to complete it. 

Course Provider: NorhtwesternKellogg

Microsoft Professional Certification in Artificial Intelligence 

After completing this course, you can successfully learn how to create or develop deep learning techniques for AI. It is a widely known certification course

Course Provider: edX

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Certification 

Artificial Intelligence Course gives you the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of machine learning, AI, robotics, and so on. These courses are normally offered by the best universities or institutes present all over the world.

Course Provider: edX

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence by IBM

This course is best suitable for individuals wanting to strengthen their basics and fundamental knowledge associated with artificial intelligence. Its process of working is also explained.

Course Provider: Coursera

Artificial Intelligence A-Z

This is the best course you can opt for as a beginner in this industry. It provides the most basic concepts and fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence. This can be taken up or selected by any individual. Materials and resources are also offered for helping you enhance your method of learning.

You need a total of sixteen hours to finish or complete this certification course. In addition, it is popular amongst applicants and has a good rating. 

Course Provider: Udemy

Professional Certificate in AL and ML

It is a well-recognized institute that provides the best quality materials and resources to start off your path in Artificial Intelligence. You can choose to take up in-person classes to help you get a clearer view of the concepts and the definitions. To build pr create you need an immense amount of information related to it which you can receive from this course.

You can complete it depending on your hard work and speed. However, it is recommended for you to include at least one or more hours dedicated to your studies in your schedule. 

Artificial Intelligence Graduate Certificate

If you successfully finish or complete this course, it will offer you a certification. It offers both beginner level and also advanced level information related to the specific field of your choice. Machine learning, logic, probabilistic models, and so on are included in it. 

Course Provider: StanfordOnline

Artificial Intelligence Course

If you want to improve or enhance your knowledge further in Artificial Intelligence, this course might be the best for you. It will help you to learn additional skills and accumulate more knowledge. It includes deep learning, computer vision, developing or creating AI, and so on.

Course Provider: Udemy

Deep Learning

You have to complete various projects and assignments; it will be useful for you to attain the required knowledge in this line of work. It is best suitable for individuals wanting to learn the concepts and terminologies of deep learning in detail. Supervised and unsupervised types of learning are also included in this. Creating and developing numerous deep architectures will be easier after completing this course.

Course Provider: edX


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