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The Perfect Chemistry of Progressive Web Apps and Magento Ecommerce

About a decade ago, people were introduced to eCommerce as a novel approach to convenience shopping. This made them bear with sluggish...

The Perfect Chemistry of Progressive Web Apps and Magento Ecommerce

About a decade ago, people were introduced to eCommerce as a novel approach to convenience shopping. This made them bear with sluggish eCommerce websites and checkout complications. These sites were browsed on computers as it was the beginning of the smartphone era when Apple had just released the first iPhone.

Slowly and steadily as the technology took on the growth curve, browsing experience enhanced and eCommerce started making its way to smartphones with new Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)coming to light. It enhanced the browsing experience due to the responsive designs and amazing user experience. With Magento, you get all the benefits of enhanced eCommerce. Top Magento development companies provide Magento PWA; a collection of tools that allows the development and maintenance of a Progressive Web Application.

Now let’s begin with exploring more about Magento PWA and how a reliable Magento development agency can deliver custom Magento development services.

Learn about the basics of Magento

Magento is a well-known, open-source eCommerce platform designed to offer online businesses flexible shopping experiences, including a shopping cart that’s modifiable. Magento provides total control over the functionality of an eCommerce store. It is so popular amongst the users just because of its sheer simplicity and great user experience. You don’t need to be a professional developer to use Magento. Consult the best Magento development company nearby and avail the benefits of strong and effective marketing along with all the necessary elements of search engine optimization plus catalog management.

Magento is:

  • Open source, flexible platform with vast ecommerce solutions.
  • Easily installed with additional plugins, layouts, and themes.
  • Cost-effective platform.
  • An ecommerce solution with greater than 50 payment gateways, that’ s huge!

With the rapid advancement in technology, a large number of businesses are making a niche in the online sector to deliver updated content and new products/services as soon as they’re launched.

Magento 2, the new version was released in 2015 to overcome the few problems and flaws that appeared on Magento’s s initial version. Magento 2 development services offer a flawless user experience which compelled the merchants using Magento’s initial version to upgrade to Magento 2 for enhanced services.

When you decide to bring your business online and showcase your exclusive collection of products to the world full of potential clients, it becomes necessary to take the assistance of experienced developers. Professional Magento developers do the service for you. Professional Magento developers from a reputed Magento 2 development company take all the responsibility of managing and publishing the content on your eCommerce site with robust functionality and features without exerting any strain on the server.

How do you benefit from Magento?

It goes without saying that Magento is the favorite of the most popular brands around the world. The most loved brands actually love Magento website development services. Why? It’s due to the flexibility of the platform that correlates with the ever-changing consumer demands of the current times. You will not find any other eCommerce platform as flexible and user-friendly as Magento. By availing the services from the best Magento eCommerce development company, customers tend to experience better sales- that too at a lower TCO as compared to the merchants on other eCommerce platforms.

The unique and differentiated customer demands call for an eCommerce platform that adapts quickly to the customer buying patterns. Magento offers a wide range of flexibility which starts from customization of the platform, extending the platform, or developing bespoke branding services by the hands of more than 150,000 innovatorsThat’s a whole community of dedicated and professional Magento developers who are committed to providing you excellent services to keep you ahead of all your competition.

With a reputed Magento eCommerce development company you can bring your business to the most potential client anywhere in the world, making them shop whichever way they prefer, whenever they want. A Magento eCommerce development company offers an exclusive and customizable eCommerce platform. You can outsource Magento development from highly skilled professionals who shall provide you with the best customizable web and eCommerce solutions.

Magento PWA

Magento PWA is known as a one-stop destination for a great eCommerce experience. Magento came up with the concept of PWA studio which is a collection of development tools required to establish and maintain a PWA storefront on Magento 2.

Following are a few of the Magento PWA tools:

  • Peregrine
  • Venia-UI
  • PWA buildpack
  • Babel-preset-peregrine

The Magento community at top Magento development companies offers extended support to their PWAs. Magento PWA is created keeping a futuristic approach in the backdrop. Magento PWA theme provides a whole new level of excellence in web solutions. With the huge rise in mobile internet users daily, Magento PWA makes sure it provides an optimized solution for a better mobile browsing experience.

Another benefit of Magento PWA is the amazing user experience with outstanding design and functionality which confers a positive impact on SEO ranking.

Service Workers and the Cache API let PWAs keep functioning even when your device is not connected to the internet. It’s an effective step-up from server-rendered eCommerce stores that don’t function without connecting to a secure network.

Why Magento 2?

It was observed that Magento 1 lacked certain features and functionalities when compared to the competitors. And, that’s where Magento 2 came into the picture. It was designed to outshine the drawbacks that lingered with Magento

  • Magento 2 Development Company offers the latest Magento 2 which differs from the previous version in the following ways:
  • Enhanced admin interface and better user experience
  • The only 2-stage checkout process in Magento 2 as compared to the 6-stage process in Magento 1.
  • Supports CSS3, HTML5, and MySQL
  • Supports the latest PHP versions speeding up the page loading by 20%.
  • Offers mobile responsiveness


The eCommerce industry has taken a giant leap towards success ever since we witnessed the first release of Magento. In today’s time, merchants/retailers are reaping the huge benefits of custom Magento development services from professional Magento developers, advantages that include great functionality, flexibility, stability, and security,
along with enhanced user experience.


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