What is a router? And How It Works?

What is a router

A router is a stand-alone device and similar to a gateway. Like Gateway here also two or more than two networks can intersect at a point on the internet. Router transfer data from two or more two networks. All routers forward a one-one packet from a single network to the final destination. In the OSI Model (Open Systems Interconnection model) routers are always associated with the Layer 3 i.e. network layer. A router is a physical device. This device helps to passes the information from more than one packet to the computer. A router also inspects all the data packets to the destination of the Internet Protocol (IP) address.

What is a router?

In every home, all devices are connected with the internet such as PC (personal computers), laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, printers, etc. With the help of a router, you can connect all devices to the network. It directly connects with the external fastest internet traffic on the network very easily and efficiently.

Types of Router

Wireless Router:

Nowadays, the wireless network is installed everywhere at home, office, hospital or railway station, hotel, mall, etc. Let us take a small example of a Wireless Router, suppose you are working in an office, and you can connect your Laptop, PC, and your Desktop with the internet with the help of a wireless Router and you can easily connect with that, A wireless Network transfer wireless signals that help you to connect within the network.

A Wireless Router also gives high-end and privacy and security to every user in the form unique user ID and unique password. If any user is trying to connect with it, then the router will always ask for a User Id and password.

Wired Router:

Wired Router, that name indicates a router that connects with the network with the help of a Wire or Ethernet Cable. The Wired Router generally uses private and govt. bank, small companies, small schools, or colleges. In a wired Router, all PC, Desktops, and laptops are connected with the help of a wired and Ethernet cable. In Wired Router has separate with a Wi-Fi Access point connection. So, If any customer wants to connect your Mobile and Smart-Phone devices, then all user uses Voice over IP technology (VOIP). An ADSL Modern is connected to Mobile and Ethernet with the help of a jack.

Edge Router:

Edge Router is the backbone of every network. With the help of Edge Router, you can easily connect the core with a wired network, and wireless network. Edge Network will distribute the data packets from more than two networks.

Core Router:

Core Network is also the backbone of the internet network. The Core router is similar to Edge Router that supports telecommunication interfaces at high speed that usage core internet connection. This Router can speedily forward IP data packets from one to another device. Core Router also supports the routing protocol. Now Core Router distributes data packets among another network but it will not transfer data between the networks.

Virtual Router:

A virtual Router is a default router that sharing a computer network. virtual Router support VRRP(virtual router redundancy protocol). Virtual Router is the primary router that is disabled. Virtual Router can share a group of IP addresses that can handle several IP packets.

Benefits of Router 

  • Network traffic in Router that can be reduced due to collision factor and Broadcasting Domains.
  • The router provides an IP address and MAC address that gives you the best routing path across an internet network.
  • The connection of the Router is very easy and it can easily connect wireless and wired network.
  • The router is Highly secured with a unique user-Id and password.
  • The user’s all information and data are safe.
  • The router can connect to another network like Wi-Fi, ethernet cable, WLAN, etc.

Wireless router connectivity, help to easily connect all Desktop, laptop, or pc.


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