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What Makes a Ready-Made Website Better than a Customized One?

In today’s modern world, if you want to do anything for commercial purposes then having a website has become something that you...

Ready-Made Website

In today’s modern world, if you want to do anything for commercial purposes then having a website has become something that you have to do otherwise you would’ t survive. In this digital age, your website works as your business card, catalog, and even as your store. It is because of your website that even if someone is in another part of the world. So that people can come to know that yes there’s such a store which sells my favorite kind of stuff. Now imagine that suddenly you realize that your website is not working that is during Christmas time which supposedly happens to be your highest grossing time, what would you do? This is why it is not only important to own a website but also to own a properly functioning website. There are many platforms that provide Ready-made Websites.

Now that we’ve established how important it is to own a website to run a business, now the question arises what website should I own? Should I build a website from scratch or should I just buy a website that is readymade? We will help you find the answer to that question in the article below, so until then kindly bear with us.

Buying sites vs Building sites


Building a properly functioning website from scratch is a time-taking process. Because, it only includes building the website but it includes testing, ideation, deploying the website, etc. It takes approximately 10 to 14 weeks to build a properly functioning website from scratch. While in the case of a readymade website, it only takes as much time as needed to make any modifications you requested. In case you’re satisfied with the readymade model itself then it takes little to no time.

Responsive website

Most websites are responsive websites while on the other hand building a responsive website takes not only a lot of time and hard work but also involves lots of testing and is quite expensive as well. But one can ask what is a responsive website and what is its significance. The answer is that a responsive website is a website that can be opened on multiple platforms or devices. So one might ask why does it matter? The thing is that a responsive website can be opened using any device. On the other hand, a regular website can only be opened using a computer.

Now in these modern times, the majority of the population uses their mobile phones, tablets, and smart TVs to browse the internet. So owning an unresponsive website is the same as not owning one at all. All readymade websites are already tried and tested. So that we know that they will work on different platforms but the same cannot be said about a website that hasn’t even been built yet.


The only edge customized websites had over ready-made websites is that it was tailormade exactly to the customer’s choice. But now readymade websites can also be modified according to the customers’ wishes. Thereby taking away the only plus point customized websites had over ready-made. Moreover, in the case of a ready-made website, you can select a template that floats your boat from a vast collection of websites.


The majority of the freelancers or agencies charge you by the hour and since building a website that is ready to be deployed can take around two months or more therefore it takes a toll on your pocket. Moreover, in the future, if you feel that there are some corrections to be made or if you are not satisfied with the output then you probably have to spend some extra money, not to mention the additional time it will take to apply the modifications.

While in the case of a readymade website, you only have to spend once, the process is quite simple. First, select a website template, request any modifications if you want, and pay the amount and here you have your website ready to be deployed.

Why should I opt for a ready-made website?

Well, one simple reason to buy a website that is ready-made is that time waits for no one. While you spend your time creating a website your competitor might make his first sale on his online store. Just because he opted for a readymade website instead of building one from scratch. It is a fact that building a properly functioning website takes time. On the other hand, a readymade website can be owned almost instantly when compared to customized websites.


The borderline is if you’re able to afford extra time and money to buy a website. Then that will have some bugs which have to be rectified later then opt for a customized website. But if you wish to deploy a bug-free website then you should buy a ready-made website. It would be the wise and best decision for you and your business.

Written by Vivek meravi
I am a front-end web developer and SEO expert. I build websites and also optimize them.

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