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Advantages of cPanel Over Alternative Solutions

There’s a constant argument between web developers regarding the different control panel platforms available at the moment, and one doesn’t have to...

cPanel Over Alternative Solutions

There’s a constant argument between web developers regarding the different control panel platforms available at the moment, and one doesn’t have to search long to find arguments about whether cPanel or some other solution is the best on the market right now. The truth is, each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the most popular ones if you’re planning to actively work with website hosting in the near future. Even if you already have a preferred favorite, you can’t really go wrong with learning how other solutions work and what makes them so popular among their users.

When it comes to cPanel, its strength mainly lies in the developers’ ability to combine a simple, intuitive interface with a powerful workflow that gives you access to numerous features.

Simple and streamlined

Simplicity is at the core of cPanel, and while other control panels tend to throw a lot of information in your face immediately, cPanel tends to take a more compartmentalized approach, keeping everything separated in appropriate sections, and only showing information that’s immediately relevant to your current operation. As a small downside, this can sometimes result in a bit more clicking around menus to get to where you want to be, but you’ll always know how to get to each specific section of the platform once you’ve familiarized yourself with the menu structure.

And if this doesn’t suit you, cPanel is also known for being highly customizable, so you shouldn’t find it too hard to bring it to the exact state that you find preferable. There are lots of guides out there about customizing cPanel in various ways, so you just have to look some up and get started.

If you’re not familiar with setting up a cPanel website, you don’t have to worry about that either – cPanel hosting is widely available and one of the most popular types of deals on the web market right now.

Diverse feature set

Despite its simple nature, cPanel is still quite powerful and can allow you to accomplish various tasks with ease, including some more complicated ones. There are many advanced features under the hood, and once you’ve become comfortable with navigating the panel’s different menus, you’ll probably come to love how it’s structured and how much access it gives you to a variety of utilities.

The community surrounding cPanel is quite active as well, and you can easily find packages that extend the platform in various ways that it doesn’t provide by default. As long as you know what features you’re looking for, it shouldn’t take you too long to find the package – or combination of packages – that offer them out there.

Easy data transfer

It doesn’t matter where you’re running your cPanel sites physically, you can easily transfer data and share it between different sites with just a few clicks thanks to the native integrated features of the platform. You might find that it takes some time to transfer larger data sets, and the platform might additionally need some time to process the data correctly, but once you’ve got things up and running, you should find that your new installation is pretty much identical to your original one. This can be a huge benefit when doing certain things like testing the performance of a site with different plugins installed, and it’s a feature that’s commonly appreciated by cPanel fans.

Small system footprint

While other control panels tend to be huge resource hogs because they offer lots of features in an unoptimized way, cPanel pays special attention to how much it impacts the system it’s hosted on. This means that it will not drag down the performance of the host unnecessarily, and additionally, it will allow you to run multiple installations on the same machine without seeing any significant decrease in productivity.

As a result, cPanel hosting deals are easy to come by and quite affordable in most cases, and companies generally find it easy to offer a lot of features in a single, low-priced package. That’s why you can find good deals on cPanel hosting so easily as opposed to other platforms, and why cPanel is recommended so often for those looking to get a new site up and running when they don’t have much experience with hosting options. It’s simply the most straightforward way to get started without having to make any scary investments.

This applies to the way the platform installs itself on the system too, as it’s quite easy to remove it and restart things from scratch if you mess something up. Other platforms tend to leave various configuration files and other data spread all over the system, which can make their removal a messy ordeal unless you use a specialized script for the task. One more reason to prefer cPanel if ease of use is your priority.

Written by Robin Khokhar
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    Great Post. cPanel is one of the popular web hosting control panel and it is used widely. I am using it from past 6 years and its really very easy to manage files, databases and other things of the website. Thanks for sharing this post.

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