All about Assignment writing services and Chat GPT for students

All about Assignment writing services and Chat GPT for students

Nowadays, modern students have an extremely busy schedule, which means that they should keep up with a huge amount of work at their universities and their job. Multitasking is not always a winning strategy and such a lifestyle can lead to severe burnout and some health problems. In this case, many students use assignment writing service to ease their life, take some time for themselves or fulfill more important tasks instead.

Recently the appearance of GPT chat has jolted society because people were not ready to accept this huge advancement and progress in the technological sphere. Now many people are wondering what option is better to choose for writing assignments at the university or college. This thorough and meticulous comparison of these two services will shed the light on some pitfalls, reveal some hidden facts and help you figure everything out.

GPT chat: The good and the bad

The most common question or search request over the last time is “What is Chat GPTâ€. In brief, it is an innovative chatbot powered by artificial intelligence that can perform the same tasks the human brain can do. However, these big words are believed to overturn the whole world and change the labor market, there are some things worth mentioning. So, let’s see what are the pros and cons of this unusual OpenAI creation.


  1. No money is needed.
  2. Flat and organized design.
  3. Work is completed in the blink of an eye.


  1. AI language lacks creativity and uniqueness, which is the thing that shows by whom it was written.
  2. Content written by GPT chat is easy to reveal. There are already many services created for this goal.
  3. Poor quality content. Although the machine can generate the text in a flash, it won’t be good if the training data is of low quality.
  4. False information in tasks. This chatbot uses all information available on the internet, and some facts are not suitable for use in writing assignments. So, the inability to check the facts is its biggest disadvantage.
  5. Limited options. Unlike assignment writing services AI cannot produce everything the person requested. In particular, it concerns complex writing task that requires thorough research and fact-checking.
  6. Possible technical malfunctions. Some problems that can regularly occur in the system will eventually lead to bad content.

Good and bad facts about assignment writing services

Before the appearance of ChatGPT, students were always using these special platforms, which is a trusted way to get the writing assignment done. All in all this market is expanding at a high rate giving people the opportunity to ease their life. Let’s figure out what assignment writing services are good or bad for.


  1. Writing based on your specific requirements. Experts will take into account all your wishes and details to write the text that meets all requirements of academic writing
  2. Level of plagiarism. Every reliable writing service will provide a plagiarism report, so the clients will see how unique the work is.
  3. Security is a main priority. Reputable services like essay service put the safety and security of their client first. So, there is no need to be afraid of personal data leakage.
  4. A large variety of services. Using these platforms for assignment writing helps you can get the work of any complexity, level, style, and topic.
  5. Knowledgeable writers. Your assignment will be written by a person that has a deep understanding and sound knowledge of a specific field.
  6. Going deeper into the topic. You can always get some pieces of advice from professional writers that will be glad to help you understand the topic better.


  1. Terms of performance. You cannot get the completed work in a few minutes, because the minimum deadline is about 6 hours.
  2. The need to revise the work. You may need to read through the text to make sure that everything is alright.
  3. Price. Obviously, these services are not free, but they offer high-quality service for a reasonable price.

Reliability of these services

Students have been using assignment help services for quite a long time, so this method of getting the university assignment done stood the test of time and proved its effectiveness in practice.

The newest creation of OpenAI has brought a revolutionary approach to this industry, but unfortunately, its capabilities are not that impressive and special. This chatbot is far from producing high-quality content without inaccuracy and errors. Furthermore, ChatGPT has a limit of 4096 characters, which is not enough for long texts. People that decide to use AI for such assignments should also be concerned about personal safety and security. There are real-life cases in that students lose their places at the universities because of ChatGPT usage. So, you should always think carefully when it comes to choosing a writing service because one action can ruin everything or at least ruin your reputation and lead to unpleasant situations.


So, this detailed and structured research on the features of assignment writing service andAI writing was made to give all people a clear understanding of these tools. Each option has its pros and cons, but if you want to keep yourself safe and get the work with accurate facts, it is better to rely on real people. Although the progress of artificial intelligence is something insane, it still needs further development and enhancement. Human brain power will never disappoint and still has an advantage over machines.

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