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Artificial Intelligence – What all you need to know?

Are you familiar with the term Artificial Intelligence? Do you know that in your daily life and internet surfing, what is the...

artificial intelligence

Are you familiar with the term Artificial Intelligence?

Do you know that in your daily life and internet surfing, what is the role of (AI) artificial intelligence?

Each day how the technology is adapting to the Artificial Intelligence System?

I have seen artificial intelligence Movie or can say many movies which are based on artificial intelligence. And some of the most popular movies are I Robot, Resident Evil, Ex Machina and Some more are there. The films share the same kind of story where the computer (the AI system) uses its intelligence to overcome humans. These movies tell us how dangerous can be artificial intelligence.

But today in this post I am going to tell you how the AI system has made our life easier and is it really going to be dangerous for us in the coming future.

My Blog Niche is about WordPress, SEO, and internet marketing and I will surely be covering those parts along with the other things in the post.

History Of Artificial Intelligence:

AI has a long history. Charles Babbage was known to be the father of the computer whereas John McCarthy is known as the father of (AI) Artificial intelligence. He purposed this term in the years 1955 and 1956 in one of his conferences. For a brief history of AI, I will recommend the link. Although, after John McCarthy, there were many who appeared up the new ideas with AI and thus making Artificial intelligence better. And in the year 2000, robots with artificial intelligence were introduced. Although, artificial intelligence is not that proficient as compared to the intelligence of a human, It has covered a lot of things in a short span of time.

Where is Google using the Artificial Intelligence System?

Google is Up with many projects, and I consider that Google is taking AI to the next level. Just simply count the projects which are being performed by Google using Artificial Intelligence, and I am sure that there will be many of the projects about which we don’t even have a hint.

According to me, Google is using programming based on the AI on these projects like:

  • Google Adwords: Where the Bots of Google collects the data from the different searches done by the users of the Google Search Engine. The Google Adwords or the Google Keyword planner almost appear up with exact stats about the keyword competition, traffic, and Bids. And I do believe that it is a kind of artificial intelligence where Google helps the people (a program which is designed to work in this way only).
  • Google AdSense: Another product of Google which works on its own without the help of humans. If you know about the Google AdSense, then you must be knowing that Google AdSense itself proves a website to display ads and letters with the confirmation are sent to the users of the Google AdSense automatically (no humans is involved in this process). And Even it transfers the amount earned from Google Adsense Automatically. Learn: “How many Google AdSense ad units can be displayed on a single website.”
  • Google Allo: Is another fantastic product which I have recently started using. And I am amazed by this product. This is like using an assistant, which tells us about everything. We just simply type or speak with the app, and it appears up with the best search results on the phone.
  • Google’s Self-Driving Car: It is not possible for a car to drive itself, No doubt a driver is needed to drive a car. But Google has appeared up with the self-driving car. If you are a techie person, then I am sure that you would have heard the news about Google’s Self-Driving Car. Although the car is not perfect to be driven on itself, it uses artificial intelligence to run on its own. The car has sensors which help it to be driven without a driver and has the capability to stop on red lights, apply breaks when some other car is next to it. You can say that an artificial driver is installed in the form of AI in the Car.
  • (AI) In Google Search Engine: Google has recently launched a program which is a part of the algorithm named Hummingbird. And the name of that program is the Rank brain. I have already written a post on “The Working of the Google Rank Brain,” and I will highly recommend you to read that article.

There is a long list of products of Google which may or may not be using artificial intelligence. And I will recommend you to check those.

Others using Artificial intelligence except for Google.

It is not only Google that is using AI, but there are many other organizations, companies, and firms which are using it wisely. I will explain some of the Products and platforms which are using artificial intelligence.

Facebook: I think that Facebook is the most used website on the earth these days and I really appreciate the work of Mark Zuckerberg (owner and founder of Facebook) who has taken Facebook to the next level. I have been using Facebook since 2008 and have seen many changes in Facebook; there are many changes in the design, better tagging options, and many other related things.

But let me tell you how Facebook is using artificial intelligence. You would have noticed when you create an account on Facebook and just after filling up your details, we get the suggestions for the friend requests, and it’s not by chance that we find our friends on Facebook through suggestions, but it’s pure artificial intelligence which is being programmed in an excellent way. And even for the advertisement purpose, Facebook uses (AI), which means collecting the data of the FB account holder and showing them a similar kind of advertisement to the same person. And I would also recommend you to read “How to do an effective Facebook ad campaign.”

Motor vehicles: There are already many cars in the market that are automatic, and we need not operate them entirely manually. There are Cars that are without gears, and we call them automatic cars, on this kind of car we only have to operate the handle, brake, and speed. Although the cars still have gears in it, the gears are being changed automatically according to the speed of the car, and I will also call this the (AI).

Camera’s: Recently I have started a website named Pixa ocean where I aim to provide free images. But after starting this project, I came to know about artificial intelligence being used in cameras. These cameras also have an automatic feature that adjusts all the light (ISO), Focus, and all the other things to which we can say that a camera has an AI in it. And even these days Cameras and cameras of the Mobile automatically detect the face of the person or a number of people in the camera, thus leading us towards artificial intelligence.

Air conditioners: The day before yesterday I saw an advertisement on the television. The air conditioner company claims that the air conditioner automatically adjusts the room temperature depending on the heat produced in the chamber or a hall.

Amazon Go: Well, according to my Amazon Go is one of the best examples of artificial intelligence. And I do believe that Amazon go can be the biggest competitor of Google. They have taken AI to the next level, and I consider it to be the best one. And they call this “just walk out technology.” I have attached a small video about Amazon Go which is amazing, and I will recommend you to watch it.

And also like Google, there may be many products and companies which must be using artificial intelligence programs, and I don’t know about them or haven’t yet heard of those.

How much SEO has been affected by AI?

The use of AI has accelerated SEO. Many internet surfers who use Google now have much better results than before. In the year 2015 before the actual launch of RankBrain, A test was conducted between the Rankbrain algorithm and the engineers working in Google. And the results amazed Google. When they came to know that the Engineers were able to provide 70% accurate results whereas RankBrain provided 80% accurate results.

So, Google implemented this, and now the RankBrain (AI) is part of Google’s core algorithm and helps to get better results.

What is the Future of AI?

I believe that AI has a better future. Many good programmers are working on artificial intelligence to make it more efficient. And it does look like AI is going to be involved in our daily life as well. Although, Amazon has taken the initiative for it.

Are there any disadvantages of using the artificial intelligence System?

As AI is not part of our life yet, so I have found no disadvantages of using it. But there can be some disadvantages to it in the future.

Finally, What I want to say.

Artificial intelligence is like a dream. Like God has given us our own will to live a life according to our will. And in the same way, if we are going to give a will to the machines then that can be dangerous, and then even the machines could turn against us.

But on the other hand use of the AI on the Search engines, CMS’s and something related programs to it are making our work a lot easier.

So, I would love to know your opinion about AI in the commenting section.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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  1. It’s very obvious that our future is totally on AI now & the way I look towards future is that we are seriously going to change the world within 50 years.

  2. Hi,
    Great post, and some solid point I saw in this post. I think anyone who’s been online for a few years has had their run in with these.

  3. AI is the future for sure. More and more companies are getting into this field and we will see much badass innovations soon.

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