Augmented Reality (AR) Game Development: A Complete Guide

Are you an AR Game admirer looking for the best AR Game development services? If yes, stick to this article till the...

AR Game development

Are you an AR Game admirer looking for the best AR Game development services? If yes, stick to this article till the very end!

But before getting straight to the topic, let’s go through a short brief on the evolution of AR Games.

Gaming is not new to the world and has been existing since the 1950s. As time flew by, people across the globe, especially started experiencing so many high-end games that after a while they got bored of the same gameplay mechanics. This was the time when AR Gaming started setting its foot in the gaming industry. But, things do not change in a single day and Augmented Reality Games also didn’t come into the habits of users in a day or two.

To enable the users and entrepreneurs to adapt to this new era of gaming, they need to be informed and educated about this concept. Keeping that in mind we have mentioned everything you need to know about AR Gaming and its development process in the following write-up.

Concept of AR Game Development

Besides being the new age of video games, AR Gaming is the combination of virtual reality elements and the physical world. To elaborate, AR with its features detects the physical environment and then integrates game elements with it using the camera, GPS, and microphone. Leading to this technology, different types of Augmented Reality games have been introduced to the users including adventure, sports, educational, and entertainment. As we have gotten a brief idea about AR gaming, let’s get straight to the list of the top 5 Augmented Reality Games mentioned in the following segment.

Top 5 Augmented RealityGame developed in 2024

Here is the list of the top 5 AR games in 2024:

Pokémon Go

Based on the classic anime Pokémon, this AR game was launched in 2016. Although in the beginning, the game had to face many controversies because of its unique, yet risky gameplay, eventually it became a popular game among users. Here the players have to use their mobile device as a map and keep walking in real life while collecting Pokémons from different places.

Jurassic World Alive

Developed by Ludia, Jurassic World Alive brings the horrors of the dinosaurs to real life. This location-based augmented reality game enables the players to feel the scary experience of roaming in the original theme park filled with dinosaurs. The game is available on both the Play Store and Apple App Store for free download.

Angry Birds AR: Isle of Birds

The very famous Angry Birds AR: Isle of Birds is yet another game in this list that uses AR technology to enhance the user experience. The game enables the users to physically walk around in the game structures interacting with the objects and uncovering hidden surprises to take on the green pigs to earn more points and unlock new content.

Ingress Prime

Being one of the most famous AR games of the present time, Ingress Prime enables users to experience a magical yet mysterious world around them as they find and collect the hidden elements in the game to move further. This AR Game challenges players to capture and control real-world locations, which are technically known as portals.

Pikmin Bloom

Launched in 2021, this AR game also rewards the players for their outdoor movements just like Pokémon Go. Moreover, the game also rewards players with Pikmin creatures as they complete achievements along the way in their journey. The game is available on Google Play Store for free download.

How to Develop an Environment AR Game Development?

The following are the steps involved in the process of developing an AR Game:

Market Research

The very first step in starting any type of business is conducting in-depth research of the market. Similarly, in the case of developing an AR Game as well, you need to analyze the market and understand the user’s requirements. To conduct research you can go for different research tactics like conducting offline and online surveys, creating focus groups, competitor analysis, and customer reach.


Once you have conducted market research, it is time to gather all the information that you collected in the previous step. Ensuring this step will further help the process of developing your AR game function more efficiently, without facing any major interruptions. Once you have accomplished this step, you can move to the next, which is adding UI/UX designs to your game.

UI/UX Designing

Ensuring UI/UX elements in your AR game will enable the users to experience not only a good game but something that they will crave over and over. But to make this happen, the UI/UX designers need to add elements like accurate GPS navigation, the use of attractive colours for colour grading, and appealing graphics to engage the users.


Once the designers have decided on the necessary UI/UX elements for your application, it is finally time to start the development process. The skilled developers in the impeccable Augmented Reality Game Development Company that you have hired will use their experience to develop an industry-standard AR gaming application for you.


Being one of the most important steps in the development process, at this stage the testers will use different testing techniques to ensure that your AR Game is ready or not to deploy in the public domain for them to experience it. The different types of tests your game will go through include, performance testing, speed testing, security testing, compatibility testing, and play testing.

Launch and Promotion

At this final stage, your AR game is all set to launch across different platforms including Play Store and App Store for the users to experience it. But that’s not it as you will also need to promote your application through different promotional techniques like social media marketing, email marketing, and influencer marketing.

ConclusionAR Game development

You must have understood the process of developing your AR Game and if you are fascinated by the world of gaming, we can help enter this industry. All you have to do is contact an experienced AR Game Development Company that will provide you with an industry-standard level AR game and help it sustain in the market.

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