5 Ways To Earn From Video Games

5 Ways To Earn From Video Games

Earn from video games is evolving day by day. In olden times due to the lack of technological assets, many were not aware of the knowledge that in the future it would be possible to earn from what they love i.e games. But now and for about 4 to 5 years the purchase percentage of gaming equipment has only taken a rise. Many are into gaming and they think there is nothing else that can match staying home and playing their hearts out.

5 Ways To Earn From Video Games

Even if you are a child, an adult, or an old guy and you simply just love gaming then I suggest you try these 5 ways so that you can earn by just playing your favorite games.

Join An Affiliate Program

Since gaming is becoming mainstream, gamers around the globe spend thousands of dollars on gaming hardware to play with zero lagging and glitching. You might have noticed that the number of buyers has increased and many are joining affiliate problems that would pay them to write about their products.

Like the major companies who produce gaming products, they keep on upgrading them with new and improved versions so that people get the best experience of their life while gaming.

So when you join an affiliate program you will earn a commission whenever you sell their product and this can let you earn doing what you love. So what happens is whenever they improve a product’s quality with a new and improved version they need someone to sell it or speak about it or write a review on it and they can earn a small commission by doing so.

Live Streaming

An activity that includes recording yourself while playing your challenging game is called live streaming. You can either play old games or show something new that you may be sure that the other individual might have missed. Or you can entertain a large audience by playing a new game that came on the market. By playing a new game that has been the cause of loads of hype, and you being one of a handful of people who bought it as soon as it was released, you can gather loads of audience members to watch the gameplay.

When you start to get a healthy number of audience members then you can monetize your live stream with ads. Besides if you have very loyal members then you can monetize your stream with donations and subscriptions as well.

Twitch is known to be the biggest platform for live streaming and many gamers use it for beneficial purposes. But building a successful live stream can be challenging as it is hard to get audience members when you start to stream the gameplay live. You will have to wait patiently to get the audience and it can even take several months. As soon as you get a few audience members, they are bound to discuss you with their like-minded friends, provided you are doing something different and better, and this way you will get more and more audience members along the way.

Join An Esports Team Or A Tournament

Many gamers are passionate to play their favorite games, even if they have to do it alongside their regular 9 to 5. A little extra cash is always good, right? So in light of new horizons, gamers now choose to be in an esports team or participate in a tournament that can provide them an opportunity to earn, in addition to being fun.

Being in a huge tournament has absolute results: you will either win or lose. But you have got to keep yourself motivated at all costs. If you are not motivated and quick-witted then your opponent may get the best of you.  

Moreover, before entering a huge tournament you should learn different strategies so that you win the game by beating your opponent. Besides learning you should keep in check the components of your hardware so you know if they need any maintenance or if they need to be replaced or not. Bad hardware will take you down, even if your opponent doesn’t.  

Creating a Youtube channel is also the next big thing. This platform is used by many gamers to review different tech products, any new game, something new in a game that was not explored by anyone else… it can be anything that you want to, anything that excites you. You can also talk about the exciting gaming trends that are changing the future of gaming. Therefore you get an open hand when it comes to uploading content on this platform.

Create A Youtube Channel

Once your channel starts to get daily viewers you might get some sponsorship offers from various brands as well. 

When trying to run a successful youtube channel, make sure you upload real facts and no fluff. Absolutely do not present your audience with lies. Because many prefer to know all the facts and figures without any sugarcoated words and they want to know in the simplest way. This is the place where you have to do a lot of research, and even buy a few products in some cases. 

5 Ways To Earn From Video Games

Get Paid By Testing Games

When many games are being developed they go through loads of changes before the date is set for them to be released. So what happens is that when the game is developed those developers need a playtester to test out their game. That is the reason a playtester is hired so that he can find out certain errors that the developers have missed or some parts where the game does not function smoothly. Anyhow, these playtesters keep an eye out for any bugs or issues, or glitches that may cause hindrances in the game.

It can be a tedious task for some. It might become boring as too. especially when you have to check again and again right after every revision. But if you find an internal position in a game development company it would be extremely beneficial for your pay scale. Finding this position can be hard but you need to send out as many applications as you can and just wait for the response. 

You should keep a lookout for services like PlaytestCloud, BetaFamily, and BetaTesting as this is where you will find on-demand game testing gigs.


Video gaming is surely the best way to earn a good amount of money. You get to keep your gaming hobby alive plus you earn something on the side. But it can be nerve-wracking too because you are playing to win and there is no way around it. You do not want to lose the game at any cost and that is the reason you buy the best gaming equipment to play smoothly as ever. 

Therefore during a challenging mode, you need to have loads of patience otherwise once you do not think through and just give in to a sudden outburst you will lose right there. Always set a goal and keep in mind that nothing can stop you from achieving it. As they say “when there is a will there’s a way†and keep your eyes on the prize it will keep you motivated and with loads of hard work you will earn some money for that hard work.


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