5 Best E-commerce Extensions and Software to Improve User Experience

How to improve user experience? It’s the most generic question any website owner would have? Giving an all-in-one experience is the main...

5 E-commerce Extensions and Software to Improve User Experience

How to improve user experience? It’s the most generic question any website owner would have? Giving an all-in-one experience is the main motto of any business. When you search for such questions on websites, it normally talks about the importance and tips to enhance your website. But what about technical upgrades? E-commerce extensions and software is the main key to enhance your user experience. You can even customize them according to your requirements and budget. Don’t worry we got you everything you need to know about the technical upgrades that you should apply to your websites. 

Magento2 Delivery Date Scheduler

With e-commerce extensions, your customers can select the desired date and time of the delivery. In fact, it also allows them to control the setting of when not to receive the delivery. This keeps you aware of the deliveries and cancellations too so that you can schedule your days efficiently. Of course, you can decide the settings you want your customers to access. Like providing a time period before which canceling an order is applicable and many more.

Following are the functionalities that your end customers will get through Magento 2 delivery date:

  • Select desired delivery date and time       
  • Set and track product-wise order time    
  • Count-down timer facility to display same-day delivery
  • Add an option of “Call me before delivery”
  • Add comments or notes
  • Edit delivery date and time
  • Get reminder emails

With a delivery date scheduler, you can make the delivery process extremely transparent as you can show all the details of when delivery is not available from your end on the selection page itself. So that customers can refer to it while selecting the date and time for their order delivery. For instance, you can highlight a national holiday, a weekend, or some system crash issues as a non-working day.

Having an open system like this gains the trust of your customer and even satisfies them as they can control when they want the delivery. This even results in an increased customer retention ratio and improvement in NPS scores.

Now, what about setting intervals between the order and the delivery? According to your vendor-supplier model, you can keep the minimum/maximum time interval between two deliveries for helping your delivery person. And minimum/maximum interval between which the order will be delivered.  Both of these activities are possible without engaging in any human interaction.


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A safety tip: if you can deliver the product in a day, set a maximum of 2 days. This will give you a day more if any issues occurred with the product or delivery man.

Shopify Estimated Delivery Date

You can let your Shopify store customers choose the delivery dates and time slots according to their convenience. It can enable or disable the delivery date picker display from the backend of the delivery app and manage orders at your convenience. You can display the delivery date picker either on the product page or on the cart page. Even restricting the date range for delivery is also a feature that the admin can access. You can also add any minimum or maximum order processing time for your products so that customers can set dates and times accordingly. 

Additionally, you can customize the font and color of the delivery date picker to display a personalized view that can engage more customers. You can get a preview of the delivery date picker so that you can check it before confirming. You can even provide your customers to choose the ‘No-Contact Delivery’ option on the cart page.

Have you ever been in a situation when you want to add any specifications or instructions for the delivery, but are unable to find the medium for it? Don’t let your customers go through the same. With a delivery date scheduler, you can allow your customers to add notes or comments before checkout. These even give your users the power of personalizing their orders. Like if someone has ordered something from your store as a gift for their loved ones, then add a comment like, ‘Wish a happy birthday while delivering‘ can add a whole different touch to the product. 

Magento2 Language Translator

Parker Pen company suffered a tag-line fail. Its slogan reassuringly claimed: ‘It won’t leak in your pocket and embarrass you.’ But, while introducing their high-quality ball-point pens in the Mexican market the same phrase translated to: ‘It won’t leak in your pocket and make you pregnant.’ Hilarious right? Surely not when your company commits the same mistake. So, to avoid this embarrassment, you will need a proper translator that can correctly translate phrases and their meaning too. 

Suppose you have a website in American English but you have German clients too, and you want to offer them their convenient language – German, so how will you do that? Simple, with the help of the Magento 2 language pack. With it, you can display an option through which one can change the languages as per their convenience. This way you don’t need to create multiple websites or pages for different languages, one page can accommodate various languages. Make sure you use the correct language translator for accurate translation, or you can go a paragraph back and read the risks of not installing an accurate translator. 

Magento 2 Mobile Apps

Do you know that shops are portable? Yes, your shop can travel around the whole world with a ticket called mobile apps. You can drive more sales by comforting your audience with a shop they can install on their smartphones. A native Magento 2 mobile app built on MageMob App Builder is a pre-build framework of an app that helps you to launch your mobile app in just a week. I can see your shocked eyes already. Magento 2 Mobile App Builder cuts down your app cost to a fraction of a normal full-scale build. Few of its features include:

  • Drag and drop builder
  • User profile management
  • One page checkout
  • Seamless navigation       

One can get the advantages of building a Magento 2 Android App and Magento 2 iOS app without investing extra efforts in building one from scratch. This means you can get your mobile apps customized according to your business requirements like themes, font colors, display icons, etc. This is not all; you can even change the customizations and sync them in real-time. The colors you customize of your themes, fonts, or icons reflect your brand. Thus, visitors of your mobile app will connect to your brand in a better way.  

Best Bundle App for Shopify

Thinking of expanding your Shopify store’s efficiency and capabilities? CommerceXpand is a perfect catch then. It is an all-in-one Shopify app. You don’t have to participate in that hassle of integrating and maintaining stand-alone apps for managing every small business aspect. As CommerceXpand includes some of the best bundle apps any Shopify business can integrate. It allows you to engage and re-engage with customers at every stage of their journey with you. How? With some of the best bundle apps, your Shopify store can boost conversions and revenue both. You can optimize your store’s speed and even the look/display to make it load faster, attract more audience, and engage the existing ones. 

You just need to pay an annual or monthly subscription fee which eventually reduces the costs of individual apps. Thus, you can invest your budget in some more engaging activities like giving complimentary gifts.

Manage all apps in one Shopify app centrally to reduce maintenance and management of individual apps. Streamline your store management and make it hassle-free with the best bundle apps by Shopify. 

Enhance your customers’ experience with:

  • Real-time notifications
  • Engaging interface
  • Easy checkout

This lets you win customers’ trust which will result in broadening your customer base and driving more sales. To keep your customers up-to-date, you can inform them about the latest updates, promotions, and shipping-related details with Announcement Bar. You can even track all the ongoing optimization statuses to manage them for improving your customer browsing experience. Besides the e-commerce extensions, here are some tips for you to upgrade your user experience. Let us start with the basic necessities your website should possess:

  • Useful: Your content should be original and should fulfill a need of the reader
  • Usable: The site must be easy to use, read and understand
  • Desirable: Relevant image, identity, brand, and various other design elements play an important role in evoking emotion and attracting audiences
  • Findable: Content must be navigable and locatable onsite and offsite both
  • Credible: Users must trust and believe what you want to convey to them. You might have heard of  an old saying, “know, like, and trust.” that is the exact chain your customer will follow
  • Accessible: Content needs to be accessible even to people with certain disabilities    

Giving more light on these items, here are 3 tips to improve your website’s user experience other than increasing the speed of the site, displaying FAQs, and including a search bar: 

Mobile Optimization

Adjust your site’s user experience to provide equal quality and function on a mobile device as it does on a desktop device. This is what basically creating mobile optimization is. Make sure your content easily fits on a smaller screen and also try to adjust the font size into a bit larger one. This makes your content easily readable.

The content on a page should also be easily scrollable on a single page itself. Try to write content in shorter paragraphs rather than longer ones. This makes reading your content easy for the reader’s eye.

Mobile devices are now dominating a significant portion of the online space. Thus, to be effective, businesses must make sure that content is easy to engage and understand regardless of the device type. 

Simplify Navigation

Think of your website as an exhibition with users seamlessly walking from one section to the next to find out the stall they want to buy from. Without a well-thought-out navigation map structure, your user will face trouble in searching for your product. The chances of abandoning the site are also a possibility here as people are too busy to spend hours on your website searching for that one product they need.

Users are more likely to notice the items displayed at the top of the page. Creating menus, drop-downs, or call-to-action buttons will simplify navigation and improve the website’s ease of flow. Also, make sure you have your most important information in this top section, and it should stand out from other information on your site. It is also important to avoid complex words to convey your message. Keeping it clear and concise is my advice here.

For example: “Click to subscribe.” looks much cleaner than “Interested ones can click the subscribe button to subscribe for our services.”

Contrast and Color

The vital goal of any website is to engage the user as long as possible and to make them click any call-to-action. But what if a user is unable to see where that button or link is due to the wrong use of colors? This will result in users leaving the site with frustration. Also if any user is colorblind or has any visual impairment, then they may not be able to see these elements properly at all. 

As a solution to this, you can follow the basic color applicants on particular actions. The color blue is used as a default color for links and should not be used in any other content on your website. Call-to-action buttons should have a specific color that is not used anywhere else on your website. Remember to convert your designs to grayscale, so that color-blind users can also read your content.

Wrapping Up

This list of e-commerce extensions and tips is a sure-shot way to enhance your user experience. It will save their time, promote more engagement, appreciate their importance, and most importantly give you an abundance of sales.


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