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A Complete Guide to the Best Free Google Chrome Extensions for SEO Purposes

One of the most used and preferred desktop browsers is Google Chrome. What makes it so popular? It plays a central role...

Free Google Chrome Extensions

One of the most used and preferred desktop browsers is Google Chrome. What makes it so popular? It plays a central role in Google’s suite and it is also the eye candy of the browser users. It is easy to customize and there are in fact thousands of free Google Chrome extensions to be used. You would most probably find a new extension added every day. Some of them are more favorite and applied, some rather not.

Using some SEO Chrome extensions saves you time if you make a habit of using them.

So are you curious what are the best extensions to make your browser more effective, especially in the realm of SEO?

Our simple, yet detailed guide gives you the information you are looking for.

For Quick Website Review:


An all-in-one tool to quickly overview the site’s SEO,  MozBar is a must in our Chrome extensions list.

It is still number 1 on the market. Users may log in for free to the Moz community account and MozBar makes it all happen, searching websites and showing the search engine result pages.

It includes a detailed list of analyses, including technical SEO, the content shown on the site, social media involvement, and backlinks too. All this process may slow down the MozBar loading of the sites, so consider enabling it only if you are in need of assessing a website’s SEO metrics.


It is the best start if you are looking for quick analysis, offering a broader view of the website, not just SEO, but also holding the statistics of all traffic sources.

The clickstream data from ISPs, as well as the SimilarWeb’s web crawlers and the data of clients,  are analyzed. It gets you reliable statistics on the specific audience right from where they come and more intricate details. Of course, all these details affect SEO, as they provide important insights to analyze the digital presence of the brand.


It is an effective content marketing tool, offering an analysis of social media, something you most probably would expect. It does stand out in its use of analyzed metrics to apply the impact for each shown piece of content. It shows exactly if the content has been shared and also if the visitors have interacted with it.


Free Google Chrome Extensions

Are you in need of identifying the broken links? This is one of the best and the free Google Chrome extensions to do this job.


You want to get involved with influencers, allowing you access to the best quality backlinks.

This extension will make it simpler to reach. It helps with the highlights of the metrics from social media on your website.

Free Google Chrome Extensions

It still is heavy-duty SEO software. This extension offers you much of its functionality in one place. It shows both the quantity and quality of the backlinks used.

It is perfect to get a quick look at the backlink profile on the site. But the account used is a chargeable one.

For SEO Purposes:

Tag Assistant

This is not the best looking, but a useful tool. This troubleshooter verifies how Google tags were installed and used. It has the option for recording your sessions and allows you to analyze the implementation of the tags tracked, following the users’ journey. It offers a lot of potential if you use it regularly.

Page Load Time

Surely you experience from time to time the longer waiting minutes to load a website. This extension helps SEO professionals to stay focused on this factor, which is considered of the utmost importance for users. It calculates and shows the time needed in seconds while loading the page.

Markup Hero

Tired of juggling countless tools and documents, desperately trying to convey your optimization ideas? Well, say goodbye to clunky text explanations! Markup Hero’s Chrome Extension is here to revolutionize your SEO workflow with sass and ease.

Markup Hero empowers SEO professionals to effortlessly annotate webpages, making optimization strategies crystal clear. With this powerful Chrome Extension, collaboration becomes a breeze. No matter where or when you can tap into the potential of cloud storage. Get ready to embrace innovation and streamline your SEO communication like never before!

Ready to unlock the ultimate productivity boost for your SEO endeavors? With Markup Hero, you can annotate web content, images, and reports effortlessly, taking your optimization strategies to the next level. Collaborate seamlessly and speed up feedback loops with instant sharing. It’s time to elevate your SEO game with Markup Hero, the essential Chrome Extension for crafting impactful search engine success stories. Let’s make SEO sassier together!

User-Agent Switcher

Our life is driven by mobile technology. So it is important and needed to optimize web pages for different mobile devices. It is not easy to do. With the user agent switcher on your mobile device though, it gives you the option of viewing websites as they appear on a desktop computer. This is an essential extension the developers use but is operated also by everyday SEO analysis users.

META SEO Inspector

Would you like to know how a search engine understands and encrypts your websites? You need to start first with the grip of metadata. This extension goes beyond the SEO definition within the HTML source code. It analyzes all kinds of tags, like XFN, canonical, and different microformats.


If you need to take out elements from a variety of pages for a larger volume analysis, it is not an easy task. This Chrome extension, called Scraper, makes it quicker. Give it some time to learn and get used to it, but once you are familiar with how Scraper works, it will save you a lot of time during technical SEO audits.

For Content Analysis:

Spark Content Optimizer

Free Google Chrome Extensions

Anyone using the internet, like developers or even copywriters, should use this extension to benefit from it. It scans the site’s content to show if the topic is on the spot and popular in the search queries.

This side of the SEO appears to be the difficult one because you need to provide the search engine with clarity of content. But you do not want to stuff keywords on your site and undermine your content quality.

Page Analytics

Assessing completion is important. This extension makes you sign in to your account and while you are browsing, it shows data from your Google Analytics. You can view metrics in real-time, just by using it.

Keywords Everywhere

Free Google Chrome Extensions

And the discussion about using keywords goes on. You need to understand though what your audience you target uses while searching. You still want to gain access to the precise volumes searched, which has become really difficult to show. This extension may not solve your problem, but it does shed some light on the problem of keywords used. It shows approximate volumes which were searched, within the pages results. And it allows SEO professionals to plan which queries they really should optimize for their website content.

In the end, whatever your needs are, these free Google Chrome extensions offer a lot to make your SEO project easy and effective.


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Written by Ritu Sharma
Ritu Sharma is the Content Insights Manager at SEO Services Company PageTraffic, one of Asia's most award-winning & recognized Digital Search Marketing agency. She has been the spearhead of many successful Content Marketing Campaigns for PageTraffic.

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