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7 Magento Extensions that help build a User-friendly Online Store

Magento Extension development continues to be a profitable venture for developers throughout the world. This is due to the usefulness of the...

Magento Extensions

Magento Extension development continues to be a profitable venture for developers throughout the world. This is due to the usefulness of the Magento framework. Anyone using the Magento platform would derive benefits from Magento 2 Extensions, thus boosting the platform’s efficiency. Redesigning your store and giving it a better feel is easy and fast with the extensions, with a great number of functions that boost sales.

Why Invest in Magento Extensions?

For anyone without the skills, it could be daunting to build a website. Thus, many business organizations that have no professional developers opt for a Magento Extensions Development company to get the customization that they need. Using extensions enables having a user-friendly interface and get to enjoy numerous functionalities, including stock management and efficiency, management of inventory among others.

Before adding any extension on the platform, however, take into account the reason you need to do it. Moreover, you must be certain that you can use the extension on your own without depending too much on your Magento extension development provider.

Benefits of using Magento Extensions

  1. Considerable time-saving benefit because there is no need for you to learn how to code or research before you get to enjoy the benefits that the extensions provide. All you have to do is to adhere to the installation prompts.
  2. Saves money because you need not come up with your own extension.
  3. With the ability to customize, you could set your store ahead of the competition, making you stand out.
  4. Provide customers a better user experience due to the efficiency in the business.

The Seven Great Magento Extensions

The experienced Magento Extension developers ensure that planned extensions fulfill business requirements and the core Magento functionalities as well.

Let’s check out the best Magento 2 extensions that will help you to build a user-friendly store.

1. All Product Reviews:

It is a Magento 2 extension that enables the store administration to showcase all product reviews on a single page with the use of a widget. The extensions offer a range of options when it comes to the number of reviews, displaying total reviews, showing star ratings, and showing the title of review for every review, the date, nickname, product image, and sorting reviews via position attributes. The extension helps build your business, engage customers, and boost sales with reviews that are user-generated and get a higher position in the search ranking.


  • Show/hide total ratings of reviews.
  • Show all reviews of website products on a single page.
  • Show/hide the title of the review.
  • Show/hide ratings of review.
  • Reviews limit to calculate ratings.
  • Show/hide the date of the review.
  • Show/hide the image of the product for every review.
  • Support for multi-store.
  • Show/hide the nickname of the reviewer.

2. Ajax Infinite Scroll:

An extension that lowers time to load products through automatically loading products as users scroll down the site with no need to reload the entire page. As soon as it is enabled from the backend, there are load options from the next pages when scrolling down the browser. It helps store owners to boost the loading speed of the store pages.


  • High web performance.
  • It lowers the time to load products.
  • Loads products on the products listing page automatically.
  • Seamless navigation.
  • Loading text content customization.
  • Enable uploading/loading image.
  • Displaying messages after loading all the products.
  • Defining delay time for scrolling down.
  • Support for a multi-store environment.
  • Boost rate of conversion and user experience.

3. Sales Email attachments:

The extension allows attaching PDF documents, policy documents, and terms and conditions documents automatically to the sales emails, including shipments, invoices, and credit memos. When the extension is enabled from the backend, web store owners could send PDF attachments automatically with different order emails, which range from an order confirmation email, order credit memo, invoice email to order shipment, account creation, and so forth.


  • Enable attaching the store policies or terms and conditions to invoices, orders, shipments, and credit memos emails.
  • Attach a PDF copy of Invoice, Credit Memo, and Shipment.
  • automatically to sales emails.
  • Define Bcc and CC email addresses.
  • Support document attachments of .doc, .pdf, .txt and .docx files types.

4. Facebook Shop Integration:

It’s all about easily set up a Facebook shop. The extension lets the admin showcase their products on the Facebook Shop by syncing their online Magento store products with the Facebook Store. All it takes is installing and enabling it from the backend. Afterward, you could run the synchronization of products to upload all of them to your Facebook catalog or shop.


  • Products synchronization with Facebook.
  • Upload of a bulk product via CSV.
  • Promote products on the FB shop page easily.
  • Build FB field mappings.
  • Feed generation logs browsing.
  • Feed generation schedule.
  • Stock products filtering.
  • Enable setting the Google category for the products on Facebook.
  • Option to apply or not to apply rules on catalog price.
  • Bulk updates the status of products on Facebook.

5. Free Catalog Search Refinement:

Active Extensions refines the search capability of a store. Usually, when customers use numerous terms in the search bar of Magento the listed products don’t take into consideration the link between terms and could lead to an irrelevant result. With the extension, the store could smartly display relevant products that contain all the search terms.


  • Boosts search results for numerous keywords searched.
  • Improves catalog search from any to all.
  • Small footprint.
  • Extremely easy installation.
  • Totally free.

6. Social Share:

Social media undoubtedly has a huge influence nowadays, not just on individuals, but corporations as well. Owing to the thousands of people who access social networking sites daily, most online businesses take advantage of the chance to promote brands and products and reinforce their website traffic as well. The Social Share extension is created to help online merchants get all of the goals most simple and easy way.


  • Making products present in the most popular social networks, such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • Significantly boost sales from sharing. After customers share products on their favorite social networks, their family, relatives, friends, and colleagues could also have a chance to see your products on their feeds.
  • Brand awareness promotion. When products appear on social networks more often, people would pay more attention to the store. First, from the products they see and then to the brand name and images.
  • Support website SEO. With the extension, you could create several valuable backlinks and start to drive a huge deal of high-quality website referrals.

7. SEO Extension:

This extension performs website SEO. The extension, governed by H1 headers, adds canonical links to the categories page, wraps a brief description using a paragraph tag, and optimizes product page breadcrumbs and a whole lot more. An enhanced sitemap generator differentiates files into two kinds, namely: with images and without images.


  • Wraps a brief description on the product page in a paragraph tag.
  • H1 headers cleanup on web pages.
  • Fix previous pagination links for SEO.
  • Change the ‘alt’ attribute caption on all format elements, based on the template.
  • Add canonical links to category pages.
  • Remove Meta Keywords and Meta Description from category pages that are non-canonical.
  • Fix title post-fix on the SEO Home Page.
  • Enhanced sitemap generator that creates two kinds of sitemap files, including with or without images.
  • Improved product page breadcrumbs.


A great hack to transform your online store into a money-stirring entity is using Magento Extensions. Using the right one for your online business not only boosts productivity but also allows you to easily manage your work. Consider these extensions today to boost engagement, increase performance, and get more conversions.


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Written by Henrik Adams
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