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Best E-learning websites for Online Study

Today in the digital era everything is growing digitally. the online courses and e-learning soaring to new heights.with the huge demand for...

best e-learning websites

Today in the digital era everything is growing digitally. the online courses and e-learning soaring to new heights.with the huge demand for e-learning everybody is shifting to online study platforms. Here today we will explain to you some of the best and reputed e-learning websites in which anyone can register and learn online

1. IndiaEducation

IndiaEducation stands as one of the greatest education-focused sites across Indian and Indians. In total it has about 45+ portals. Unlike any education-oriented website, this one kicked off with pretty the same objective. And well it has done a lot better than it aimed. As the website helps with careers, exams, courses, and tons of other educational related stuff. And even if you need a career opinion of what and how it will benefit you such as designing, management, computer, commerce, medical, etc. Hence being known among the Best E-Learning Websites.

2. Khan Academy

Initiated by a name whose fame crossed national and international borders, i.e. Salman Khan. It can be rather be described as an NPO. Began its operations in 2008. For the past 12 years, it stands as one of the best sites. It offers education free for one and all. On top of it, the standards are world-class for anyone coming for education from nearly anywhere across the globe. That is the reason why it is one of the Best E-Learning Websites. On the other hand, if you understand something so well that you could explain to others, you can intern at Khan Academy.

3. Meritnation

Whether it is an important entrance exam or an NCERT, getting ready for grade 1 the site is ready with the most relevant knowledge and all types of courses. In the education space, it’s the pioneer in bringing and coming up with the LIVE classroom concept for betterment in education. The site was able to pull this impossible task back in 2014. Also, the site has a mobile app developed in a similar name on application stores.

4. Coursera

The next website that hops into the list of the top-notch websites in India, ideal for top-rated courses is no doubt Coursera. This site came up in cyberspace in the year 2012. The site has got some tremendous and remarkable offerings when it comes to online education. So be it degree, course, or the top specializations in marketing or finance they have it all. To be exact in the numbers they have more than 1k courses coming from over 138 universities and colleges from far off. The site also has some of the most advanced courses that are in high demand these days such as photography, videography, animation, data science, business management, etc. Not just the site is quite excellent with the courses but even the app is quite potent.

5. EdX

One of the most heard and trusted names in online education is EdX. It is quite trusted in the online education segment. The site is also accredited and recommended by the MIT & Harvard University in 2k12. To your surprise, the site is a one-stop destination for education for all courses across the globe. You can find some of the most opted courses, while it has some courses that you haven’t even heard the name before. But the site has a complete insight with which you can have a proper idea of what to do when opting for any such courses. A handful of the famous online courses available are language, computer science, business and management, engineering, and data science.


BYJU’S a very well renowned name in the online education sector. One of the most trusted education tech creators and platforms of the top class school learning applications across the country. The platform began operations in 2015 while the site offers highly engaging and effective learning programs for classes 4th grade onwards. If you are going to appear for GMAT, IAS, GRE, CAT, JEE, and CAT this is the site for you. At present, the site boasts about 2.5 million registered students. Hence making it one of the highly preferred education sites in India.

7. Codecademy

From the name, it could be understood that the site offers education programs for the ones who love to code. And the cherry on the top is that it is free of cost. Hence making it one of the most complete education websites. Creating a space to learn, teach, or create new online learning experiences for the future. Being a fully equipped and ready education website offering coding and other education-related tutorials. These are quite easy to learn and understand. And the tested curriculum which helps anyone to learn effectively.

8. Swayam

The full form of Swayam is Study Web Active Learning for young & aspiring minds. Stands as one of the best e- learning websites running by Indian Government. On the other hand, this website offers active courses and skill-enhancing courses for students in class 9 to Post graduation. On the contrary, it offers various courses for learning in Language, Mathematics, Arts & Recreation, Humanities, Social Sciences, management, UG courses as well. All in all its an all under one roof course available for easy online access to the ones who wish to learn.

9. Vedantu

Considered as one of India’s largest online education and tutoring organizations. The platform kicked off intending to connect the students and their humongous gaps with the tutors and the students. The site has been affiliated and led by a group of highly trained and experienced teachers. Having expertise in whichever subject that you may be needing professional help with. The site also has a mobile app version which is an even better and more compact kind of a classroom to carry and learn whenever and wherever it suits you the best. It has some very useful tools such as whiteboard tools, two-way audio, and other essentials that may make learning effective and fun activity to do. Providing education for students from grade 6 to High school. competitive exams and curricular courses.

10. Toppr

Toppr yet another addition to the list standing as one of the most complete websites that offer easy learning solutions to the learners. It is more of a personalized and customized learning platform for the students. It has a huge buffet of courses up till grade 12. Whether it is live classes, test preparations, test exams, etc. The websites cover everything entirely. The site is known to be offering the most relevant content when it comes to studying and strengthening your future. Moreover, they also provide a regular time table if you want the study more systematically. Hence it avoids the chances of missing any important topic being taught in the class that very day.

11. CAclubindia

This site has over 1 million Finance professionals as a primary part of this platform. It is one of the most preferred educational websites in India. And is the first preference of millions across the globe. The website also educates and helps the one needing professional help with the 1500+ hours of coaching It is based on video-based tutorials for courses like BCom. CS, CA, CMA, and even MCom. The website lets the students and the teachers interact and share their views and information on any specific topic or wherever they feel they are stuck and need some help. So get more knowledgeable by opting for some of the Best E-Learning Websites.

12. Udemy

Last but not least. Udemy has over 50 million students enrolled on its websites. To add to it they have 1,50,000 courses with a staggering tutor count of 57,000. This online education website does not limit itself to educate individuals but they teach, groom, and train organizations as well. The site is education oriented and has become a quite known brand for online education. And hence the Best E-Learning Websites among all.

13. Nptel

Yet another one of the best e-learning websites that is quite popular among the masses. National program on Technology Enhanced learning the abbreviation for Nptel. Believed to be one of the most massive and extensive online learning platforms. The vision of the organization is to push the video lectures online for easy online access. The various subjects that are covered are engineering, humanitarian studies, and social sciences.

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