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5 Mobile App Development Tricks to Pump Up Your Sales Instantly

Impressive mobile app development tricks can help you achieve extended sales figures. A few years ago mobile apps were nowhere in the...

Mobile App Development Tricks

Impressive mobile app development tricks can help you achieve extended sales figures.

A few years ago mobile apps were nowhere in the scene specifically for the advertisements. There were flyers, catalogs, and brochures explicitly used for sales purposes. But it is a different story today. The traditional sales and advertisement mediums have been almost washed away with mobile app development tricks.

These specific tricks are proven concepts to help marketers increase the sales and further the revenue for their respective businesses.

Smartphones have become one among the several necessities for the people today. And mobile app development companies are utilizing this opportunity in the best way to capitalize their sales.

The list of such tricks is an extended one; however, we are presenting one of the 5 golden rules that you can take as tricks in order to increase your sales.

Before inviting you to the exciting journey of unleashing the best mobile app development tricks, let’s have a look at the related statistics.

  • The global mobile app revenue in 2015 amounted 69.7 billion US dollar, which is expected to grow as much as 188.9 billion US dollar by 2020.
  • Apps related to shopping have garnered customers’ attention more than any app compared to other categories.
  • Shopping apps have shown 54% growth year after year.
  • Lifestyle apps were at a significant loss with a 40% decrease.
  • By the end of 2017 more than 180 billion apps were downloaded by the users.
  • Gaming apps generally remain the most popular mobile app category for the users.

Now that we have the insights to the stats related to mobile app development let’s focus on the related tricks now.


How to develop your first Mobile application?

It is always about premium quality services that can instantly get customers and increase the sales. What else matters has been briefly described below:

  1. Keeping the clients informed about the business decisions

The point of difference between a successful mobile app development company and a failed one lies in the fact that the former keeps its users informed about the business moves.

The users have all the right to know about their investments that they are making while purchasing the goods and the services from a company.

Keeping the clients informed about the exclusive offers, referrals, and benefits will also help to get clients interested in the business. No one ever rejects an offer that comes for free. By taking advantage of this concept, app development firms can easily lure the clients towards the services.

Make use of different channels to educate the clients about new updates, an upcoming launch or a new business initiative. This will keep them informed about the new business moves. Such moves also restore clients’ trust in the business.

  1. Making your services better for the clients

Business must give some of the privileges to the clients, and one among them includes offering updated services to them. While interacting with the business, a person may order for services or may purchase goods. This experience must impress the clients at the very first interaction. Such a move gains clients’ interest instantly.

A customer always seeks convenience when ordering products from any company. He/she would also like to get a seamless experience with the same. And, to offer exceptional services at every given level, it is vital to improve the same from time to time.

Make sure that the purchase is delivered right at the doorstep of the customers. Ensure that they won’t face any difficulty while browsing through services or while ordering the products.

Right from the time when customers come to visit the store till the time the delivery is done successfully, the experience needs to be exceptional enough for them.

  1. Working on customer loyalty

Business must have a provision to distinguish regular customers from those who only visit once. There should also be special discounts or provision of coupons for those who visit the website on a regular basis.

Such coupons or special services can easily be designed by the mobile app development company in order to provide special treatment to the clients.

It is essential for companies to remain loyal to the clients who visit them on a regular basis. This garners clients’ attention and lets them feel valued.

The business can also host special events for such clients who remain loyal to the business. It is, of course, the contribution from the clients that is helping the company grow. Therefore, it is important for every business to return the favor to the clients in kind.

This is one of the most practiced concepts that companies generally opt for to pump up their sales figures.

  1. Leveraging the concept of personalization

Personalization is a highly valued concept. For business, it helps to offer personally-designed services, and for the clients, it is a chance to get what they ask for,

There is no doubt about the fact that the concept is innovative; however, it is the implementation that matters the most. When designing such concepts for the clients, try to provide the services that are genuinely required to the clients.

To remain successful in this attempt, the service professionals need to study thoroughly the demands of the clients and then offer the assistance accordingly.

Business can take advantage of client-specific data in order to design personalized emails and further the services for their clients.

Personalized emails do a wonderful job for the clients to let them feel connected to the business. However, prior to providing such services to clients, it is essential to study their requirements efficiently.

Developing creative marketing campaigns for the clients

Be it a mobile application or a service from a company, the users need to know about the same in order take its advantage. Marketing campaigns can thus help exceptionally well to inform the clients about the specific services.

Service professionals may find it challenging to design such compelling campaigns that can drag customers towards the business. However, all that is required for designing such campaigns is to offer solutions to customer problems.

It is not only the creativity but also the promptness of the services that would create the success of such campaigns. Also, offer reliable services to the clients so that they could trust upon the services and frequently return to the business.

Additional considerations

  • Developing a mobile app for the business is a small investment that can pay off largely while your business grows.
  • While your mobile app development idea may differ depending upon the specific concept, keeping all the above-mentioned points can do wonders for the same.
  • The concept needs to offer your clients required solutions so that they could feel the urge to connect to the business.
  • Establishing contact to the business should remain an easy procedure for the clients.


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The end note

Improving sales figures is not a one day job. The mobile app development company needs to work considerably well for getting the initial results and then add up to the sales regularly.

The ideal ways for different companies may differ but the approach more or less will go as stated above. Thus, practice the ways that in any means seems interesting for the clients. Allow them to interact with the business as they are the ones who will bring success to your company.

Written by Bhupendra Choudhary
Bhupendra Choudhary is Business Head of Field Titan - a leading field service management software company. He has extensive experience in providing apt business solutions for field service and field sales domain through field sales management software. A product thinker, he collaborates with industry leaders to understand business challenges and facilitate technology solutions for same.

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