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Easy Guide to Business Report Writing

Are you working in a company and don’t who know how to write a business report? And you are looking for the...

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Are you working in a company and don’t who know how to write a business report?

And you are looking for the ways to easily create a business report for your company?

Both students of Business specialties and people working in business face the need to compose business reports from time to time. Obviously, the structure and content of each report is individual and depends on a number of circumstances. However, learning the writing skills and knowing the basics common for all business reports is a skill that anyone can master. While essay advice and assistance may be received at 10pagepapers which is really a dependable source, business reports are substantially different. So, even if you are an essay guru, don’t treat the composition of a business report light-heartedly. Learn all bits and bolts of report writing here for your report to be noticed and achieve the intended purpose.

What Is a Business Report?

The first step of mastering the business report writing skill is to understand what this type of a written piece actually is. Here, everything is quite simple – any report is a document composed for the sake of communicating some information, and in some instances – analyzing and evaluating it. Hence, the business report done for work may be of the first type, while reports written for the university needs most frequently involve the analytical component and contain all three elements.

Since we are talking about a business report, its central issue is definitely some business concept, object, or situation. Thus, the purpose of the writer is to describe that object, evaluate it, and give some recommendations as to increasing the business value or resolving the business problem. For a business report to be successful, make sure to take into account the following criteria:

  • Introduce and discuss business-relevant data for the organization to which the report will be presented
  • Focus on the key business factors such as efficiency, competition, and business practices
  • Do not use too complex vocabulary; the report has to be easily understandable for anyone in the company
  • Structure the report transparently so that to simplify navigation through the document for the readers.

In further sections, we cover major steps to be taken for creating a flawless report and guaranteeing that it meets all the aforementioned quality criteria.

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Checklist for Business Report Planning

Planning is a vital pre-writing stage at which you gather material, sort out the relevant data, and think over the overall structure of the document. At this stage, the most important considerations are:

  1. Get absolutely clear about the purpose of your report. To make this task easier, think of a report in business terms – in this regard, business reports are basically aimed at decision-making. Thus, you may formulate the purpose easier if you visualize for yourself the role that this report plays in this particular decision.
  2. Stipulate the audience of your report. Here, it is vitally important to keep both main and secondary readers in mind so that to maximize the value of your report. To do so, you need to understand what your audience already knows, and what they need to know about the discussed issue. This will give you a clearer idea of how the readers will use your writing.
  3. Formulate the key messages that the report should deliver. Based on the messages you intend to include, you will make it clearer for yourself what information to include and where to look for it.
  4. Proceed to the structure of your report. This part will be discussed in greater detail in the following section.

A Winning Structure for Your Report

After the preparation for report writing is over, now it’s high time to structure it properly. Keep in mind that business report writing follows some universal conventions, and even if your work is individual and unique, some basic sections have to be included for consistency. Here are the most common elements:

  • A covering letter (an optional element meant to give your readers a personal address from you as an author)
  • A title page (it should contain all relevant information about you, the title of the report, place of publication, the sponsoring organization, etc.)
  • An executive summary (a mandatory short synopsis of the report’s content for busy readers, they should understand from the summary whether the report is worth reading or not and whether it contains information they personally need).
  • A table of contents (an auxiliary part making the navigation through your report easier)
  • Introduction (apart setting the context and introducing the report’s subject)
  • Analysis
  • Conclusions and recommendations (inferences and practical advice you can offer based on the analysis)
  • References (the list of outside sources that you used and cited in the report)
  • Appendices (optional, if you have any)

This structure is universal, and you may include or exclude some parts depending on your needs, but following this one will surely give you the right direction and will make your report look professional.

Business Report Writing Tips

And finally, here is a couple of tips to enhance your business report writing and make it truly impactful:

  1. Dedicate enough time to headings and subheadings to make them more effective and increase the impact of your report overall
  2. Structure paragraphs wisely and professionally to increase the report’s readability
  3. Use plain language and don’t overuse narrow expert vocabulary
  4. Use white space and choose fonts properly
  5. Number your pages to enhance navigation through the document
  6. Make a document understandable and useful by means of wise inclusion of visuals, footnotes, and appendices.

These are surest ways to make your report convincing and credible. Use them to achieve success at work or get a high grade for a school assignment on business report writing, and don’t forget that proper preparation and pre-writing stages are vital elements contributing to the overall report’s quality.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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