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5 Best Preparation Techniques to Help You Crack the CompTIA Network+ Exam

As far as the CompTIA Network+ course is concerned, it is the most valuable certification for IT professionals. The exam has been...

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As far as the CompTIA Network+ course is concerned, it is the most valuable certification for IT professionals. The exam has been designed to authenticate the IT knowledge and skills of the mid-level network professionals, the certification covers the primary IT functions including networking perceptions, concepts, operations, security, infrastructure, and more.

When you are keen on building your career and looking for professional development, interested to take the Network+ test, you need all resources and information to crack the exam. According to an article published in Forbes, some of the top-paying IT certification courses include CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ with a paycheck of $79,877 and $81,601respectively.

Who must take up the Network+ certificate course?

The course is meant for people who want a career in IT in the domain of networking, cabling, as well as system administration. The certification is best for those who have some experience in IT networking as well as ideal for beginners in this field.

The skills you will acquire with the certification include networking infrastructure, networking perceptions, network operations, network security, and networking tools as well as troubleshooting. Then, there are some preparation techniques to crack the CompTIA Network+ exam. Here are they:

1. Increase your study time

Just reading through the IT and networking concepts for the exam may let you give a momentary look over the study material, but you may end up skipping specific areas that are essential but do not find them interesting enough to learn. Make sure your preparation is solid with a mix and match of mock exams, test resources, and flashcards. Your preparation should be effective and interesting because it is your career after all.

2. Look for the apt resources

For best performance and outstanding results in the Network+ exam, you need to look for CompTIA-approved quality content or CAQC. This material will guide you in the right direction so that you successfully pass the exam. As far as CAQC is concerned, it implies you have the most updated and relevant Network+ training and study guide for the exam. Therefore, make the most out of this opportunity.

3. Avoid studying during the night 

You need to spread your exam study time wisely. All you need to do is spend a couple of hours studying daily instead of not studying at all during the day and sitting with your CAQC material most of the nights or a couple of nights before your exam.

4. Learn about the test format

Learning what to expect from the Network+ exam is as essential as the knowledge of the IT perceptions and skills. Did you know that the exam will have a set of 90 questions, single multiple-choice types, interactive pull and drop, multiple responses multiple-choice, as well as performance-focused questions? You need to score at least 720 of a total of 900. Prepare well for the exam so that you can pass this section successfully.

5. Focus on PBQs

You will need to answer performance-based questions or PBQs. The questions are about a mock-up occurring at a workplace to test your problem-solving skills. Most of the students consider PBQs the most challenging and toughest part of the Network+ exam. Then, if you know how to answer these questions smartly together with meticulous preparation will enhance your confidence level to let you manage time on the day of the exam.

Completion of training: It is a course well-liked and recognized in the industry. Most IT firms ask their employees to complete this certification for better career prospects and promotions within the company. These companies value the CompTIA Network+ certification offering better paychecks. Some IT firms hire candidates who have both the A+ and Network+ certifications. 

Recommend experience preferred

Though you will find no prerequisites to appear for the exam, there is some recommended experience preferred by the IT companies. These include: 

  • A candidate recommended having the A+ certification.

A potential candidate preferably has 9-12 months of experience in the domain of IT networking.


Keep these exam preparation tips so that you can crack the Network+ test successfully and in one attempt. Study daily during the day and avoid studying at night. The CompTIA Network+ is one of the pioneer courses in the IT networking domain covering the core IT concepts. CompTIA’s top certifications are the most acclaimed, acknowledged, and preferred qualifying credentials for all IT operational roles and technical support. They go a long way in launching your IT career successfully. Prepare well to crack the exam.

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