Ultimate Strategy for Transferring Contacts from Excel into Android Phone

Contacts from Excel into Android Phone

I used to work at Microsoft, where I used Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook, among other software tools. But now that I’m no longer working, I want to move contacts from an Excel file to an Android smartphone so that my Android phone can easily access every contact on the device. Please tell me how to import contacts from Excel to my Android phone quickly and reliably.

In a situation not unlike the one mentioned above, users are desperate to get contacts from Excel onto a mobile device. They’re also searching for a dependable, user-friendly method of transferring contacts from Excel to the phone. To begin with, go through this blog post to understand why people wish to move their contacts to an Android phone.

Why is it Necessary to Transfer Contacts From Excel to Android Phones?

Excel is a popular tool used by clients to manage their contact data. Excel is a user-friendly tool that can be used to analyze and transform raw data into information. Thus, users wish to return to their phones after organizing their contact information in Excel.

  • Email Contacts and Customers: CSV contact data is readily importable into Excel and is supported by the majority of email PCs and email accounts. Thus, there is a need for a method for importing CSV contacts onto Android phones.
  • Sync Contacts with the Web: Syncing and updating your contacts with the web is an additional benefit of importing contacts from Excel to Android.

Method for Bringing Contacts into an Android Mobile App from Excel

Upon attempting to save Excel contacts to VCF, users are prompted to select “Save as” from the File menu to save the file in a different format. However, saving contacts as a VCF file is not an option. For this reason, users cannot import phone numbers straight from Excel into VCF. Thus, we will now talk about a full process that is divided into two sections:

  • Convert Excel Contacts to vCard (.vcf)
  • Move the vCard file to Android phones.

Methods for Converting Data Step-by-Step

To import a contact number to your Android phone using Excel, follow these steps: Would you kindly look at this?

Step 1: Convert an Excel file to a vCard

You can use the DataVare Address Book Manager Tool to do this. It is only compatible with computers; Android phones cannot use it. Therefore, to execute the software, all contacts in your Excel file must be on your desktop. This program offers several benefits and a straightforward design. The Excel version of the contacts file that was produced can be transferred to your Android phone without any problems. The iPhone is among the numerous platforms this product works with. This software is accessible on Windows-based PCs. This is the ultimate strategy for transferring contacts from Excel to an Android phone.

  • Launch the program on your PC. Next, look over the Excel file.
  • You can now open the XLS file in a new window that appears.
  • All contacts and data are displayed as a preview in Excel when the XLS file has been added. Press the Next button to proceed.
  • Proceed to the mapping option now, where you must map the characteristics to the Excel fields. Next, choose one field from the Excel data sheet.
  • Choose an additional field from the vCard (.vcf), align it, and append it appropriately. You might match each field in this manner, for instance:
    • First Name: Initial or Complete Name
    • Last Name: Email correspondence
  • Next, to start the conversion process, click the Convert button.
  • The program will display a confirmation message when the conversion is complete.
  • Finally, each contact will have a unique VCF file from Excel created by the program, which will be stored in the folder specified when converting the data.

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Step 2: Transfer Contacts to Android Mobile from Excel

Convert an Excel file to vCard format; Android phones can read this file type. You now have to import contacts from Excel from your Android phone. This is the identical manual:

  • Open your Android smartphone first.
  • Click on the symbol for contacts.
  • Your contact list will appear hereafter. Tap the three vertical dots icon.
  • You must select the “Import/Export” option from the menu list that appears.
  • To import your Excel files onto Android, choose the Import from .vcf file option.
  • Locate the stored location of the vCard file.
  • Choose the .vcf file transformed in the first stage to import contacts into Android from Excel.
  • A window stating “All .vcf contacts data file will be imported soon” appears.
  • After the contacts are imported from the spreadsheet to Android, you will be notified that your vCard .vcf has been imported.
  • Your Android phone can now access your vCard contacts.
  • To view information and open a contact, choose it.
  • The exported contacts can also be stored in your Google account for later use. Choose the Gmail account you wish to import contacts into to accomplish this.
  • Locate and pick up the vCard file by navigating to its stored location.
  • Once this is done, the vCard will be preserved in your Gmail account, and you can use your Gmail ID to view your contacts from anywhere.

It’s Time to Wrap Up,

After considering user demands, we have developed a comprehensive procedure to import contacts from Excel to Android Mobile. To accomplish this, you must export the Excel file to vCard first, then move the vCard contacts to your Android phone. Using this safe and secure method, importing contacts from Excel to the phone doesn’t take technical knowledge.

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