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9 thoughts on “Creating a Free and Unique Logo Online is Simple with DesignEvo

  1. Hi Robin,
    Feels like a powerful review to me.
    For not being a design guy you did a fabulous job with your logo. Well done.
    I have my developer handle all the design stuff for me. That part of my brain did not evolve past my childhood days when I got to work on a coloring book with crayons. Now I focus my energies on writing and out sourcing design, but it is good to know that Designevo is out there for us.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m glad that I came across your site and learned about DesignEvo and its features. I must admit its pretty good for creating online logos for free.


  3. Hi Robin,
    You did a great job ! I Love Designevo logo design app because it is so much easy to use ! DesginEvo is cloud-based so there is no software to download and no registration required to use the software. In terms of improvements, I’d like to see an option to save the logos as an SVG (or vector) image; the ability to group elements into one object; an option to save the project file (for registered users); the ability to upload our own vector graphics; and finally, an option to apply shadow to text and other elements !!! This is really awesome !

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