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Print Hacks: How To Make The Right Impression With Business Cards

So here’s the story. You have hundreds of business competitors. With a business card in your wallet, you handed it to a...

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So here’s the story. You have hundreds of business competitors. With a business card in your wallet, you handed it to a prospective client. But your business card is different from the rest of your rivals. Do you think it’s unforgettable and attractive enough to let a person keep it, instead of throwing it away?

Did you know that 88% of the business card handed out are most likely to be thrown in less than a week? Other than that, 72% of people critic a company’s image based on the business card of a person. 39% of clients would rather not collaborate with someone’s business due to a cheap-looking business card.

A well-planned business card is your proof as a business owner. It is a vital branding tool for your business to generate leads and interest for future business partners. A single card has the potential to change the fate of your business endeavor. It could get you to a jump-start business relationship.

I start to make an impact, you will make more business partners that will drive profit to your company. Aside from making partnerships, it will boost the customer base which increases sales revenue of products and services you offer.

Now, what you can do to make your business card possess the right impact to impress a business client? Find out the tricks to make someone read and keep a business card that will optimize your business efforts. A business card is like having an audience that will help to keep a business boost.

Brief and Concise

Busy people want to read brief and concise information instead of lengthy paragraphs. It is best to give them ample info that they can remember before they can forget it. In this way, you can be efficiently informative.

Put practical details like contact information which leaves connection methods that will emanate business deals later on. Just like for example, QR codes that link to your site and details on social media.

Easy to Read

Readability is still a top priority when making business cards. If you do not consider this element, it will lose its function to deliver the information. Due to the growing use of scanners when digitizing contact information, some put pixelated info.

You must always ensure the quality of printing. Refrain from making an aesthetics-wise card while neglecting its role as your spokesperson.

Two-sided Printing

In your quest for making stylish and impressive business cards, you can use the space at the back for secondary information. You can put a map on the back or other useful details that will not overpower the whole look of the card. Also, you can utilize the space which is a money-saver technique.

For example in brochure printing, how can they put so much information with just a single piece of paper folded into three? It is because of two-sided printing.

Use Photos and Colors

A study shows that 78% of prospective clients tend to keep colored cards that are ten times longer than a standard white card. Besides, people will remember cards quickly if it has photos and more aesthetics.  Make sure that the pictures you use are fresh to avoid suspicion. If you are a client and saw an old picture, what would you feel?

If you think of it, are your eyes attracted to plain and white colors? Probably no. So it is best to use colors that will also reflect the personality that you have. The money that you saved on low-quality and cheap business cards won’t equate to the opportunities that you will miss out on.

Make Attractively Distinctive

An attractive one sets you apart from your rivals in business. The attraction you want to get should always go with your business identity. Make the typographic and color choices well-suited for everyone’s eyes. Aside from making it stand out, you should consider the viewers as well. That is what makes the business card attractively distinctive.

Stick with a Standard Size

A business card that is too big or too small doesn’t make the right impression. It can even annoy a client. Stick with the standard size and refrain from making business cards with odd shapes. If you make it that way, they can bring it everywhere they go because it fits their wallets perfectly.

If you have one, then why not include it. Slogans ideally leave an impact on clients. Also, that makes your brand unforgettable. Keep it short. As for the logos, they represent the image of the company in a customer’s visual memory. If you use a logo, the more chances a client to remember you.

Just like in flyer printing, they use slogans that make bypassers curious. If a flyer slogan caught their eyes, they would surely read the rest of the details.

Update your Card

If it happens that you change location or contact number, make sure to refresh the business card. Print new ones and stop giving out cards with new information hand-written. It will only leave an impression of second-class work.

Consider Materials

As a business marketer, you have to find the materials to be used to make the most of the money. You have to think of how you can efficiently use the money and make a great business card. For example, you can make use of plastic materials to make a waterproof and long-lasting business card.

Pull off Playful Ideas

Nowadays, novelty business cards are trending. The quirky designs are an excellent way to catch customers’ attention. With this trick, you can keep a client interested in your company and the services offered. Just always remember that you still have to consider the tips above.

Keep Up with Flat Graphics

Technology continues to provide leverage in the realm of business marketing. Print ads abreast of the current business advertising trends through graphic design. Flat-style graphic designs are very efficient to achieve on-trend effects. It provides a 2D wide appeal and a great look.

The infographic-inspired illustrations and clean shapes ought to give an impact to a modern business card.


Business cards are the best way to portray a favorable image in front of your clients. It reflects the soul of your business or products and services provided by you. According to a survey conducted by Statistic Brain Research Institute Online, 57% of the 842 working professional respondents agree that a business card is essential to someone’s business.

It is a fantastic marketing tool that continues to lead the growth and popularity of business firms around the globe. A business card is your calling card. If it is well-designed, it will reflect a positive image and professionalism.

There are a lot of ways to make it impressive. You only have to put yourself in the client’s perspective. Stop overthinking and use your instinct because after all, you are a customer too. Use resources wisely and let the business speak for itself.


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Written by Maria Estrada
Maria Estrada is PrintMeister's business representative. She is passionate about graphic design and interface layouts. In her downtime, Maria likes to keep up-to-date with the latest UI/UX trends on Google Alerts. You may connect with Maria on LinkedIn.

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  1. I have recently opened my own company and so much confused to design my CARD. but after reading this awesome post, I am very much clear about the design. Thank You.

  2. Nowadays every professional needs a business card to spread the business network. The points you described here are awesome. I am truly hoping that these tips will work for me and I really appreciate your suggestions. Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us!

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  4. Hey Maria,
    This is a real good post. It is very well explained and that too with proper reasoning. It is true that a business card is a small introductory element to your brand but it has great impact on the one who is receiving it, thus it is mandatory to keep in mind the designing of the business cards.

    Thank you for sharing this.

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    Business cards look so great, Charlie! I love the simple and awesome design.I am thinking of designing my own business cards soon and this post was really helpful for me. thanks

  6. Quite worthwhile information. I am also looking for a good graphic designer since last six months having knowledge of day to day introducing technology but now hope that I would select a designer for giving graphics in my company’s website.

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    Business card reflect you and I feel it should be very attractive that user should atleast open your site.


  8. A business card will enormously be effective if all these tremendous tips are properly followed. We the people become happy to have a business card but do not think of its creative care. I have a designer friend who is very creative in sense and concept. Nevertheless, I have sent him the link. Hope he will send me ‘thanks’ back.

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