Tips for Editing Website Photos to Look Great

Editing Website Photos

Do you want to publish stunning and professional-looking photos on your website that immediately grab people’s attention? The right improvements can go a long way to making that happen, and make even mundane photos look much more impressive. You can use some of the tools for Editing Website Photos which will look great.

While there are many ways that you could edit your website photos, the following tips are an excellent place to start.

Crop to Improve the Composition

The crop feature is present in practically all editors and is a lot more powerful than it looks. By adjusting the frame of your photo, you can improve its composition and refocus the subject and other elements so that they stand out.

Ideally, you should use compositional rules such as the rule of thirds or golden ratio when cropping your photo. Some editors may even supply you with convenient gridlines to help make it easier.

Just remember that although they’re called ‘rules’, each composition technique is really just a guideline – so break it if you feel it is for the best.

Sharpen Blurry Areas in Photos

In many cases, your photos (or parts of it) may be a little bit blurry. Sharpening it a bit can fix that, and make it look more distinct while restoring some details that may otherwise be lost.

Although most editors have some way to sharpen photos, it would be best to use PhotoWorks. Its Sharpness tool will let you adjust exactly you want to make your photo and help improve most photos that are a bit blurry overall.

To sharpen specific elements, you can use the Adjustment Brush in PhotoWorks or the Radial Filter if you want it to cover a larger area. For specific regions (such as skylines) you could use the Graduated Filter as well.

Simply put in PhotoWorks you’ll be provided with the tools that you need to sharpen exactly the area that you want to – be exactly the right amount. Learning how to sharpen a blurry picture using it is easy, and won’t take you very long at all.

Correct the Colors

One of the most common issues in photos is the fact that the colors are a bit off due to the lighting, exposure, or some other factor. Correcting that may not sound easy, but most editors have automated color correction or white balance features that can be a big help.

For best results, you should try to familiarize yourself with the various color settings in your editor, however. Don’t just look at the brightness and contrast settings, but instead use the exposure, hue, and saturation as well. Each color set has its own part to play and learning how they impact your photos can make a world of difference.


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Final Words

Overall the three tips above should go a long way to helping you edit website photos and ensuring they look great. Although it is just a start, the impact each one has on your photos should be easy to see – and you can build on that and continue to improve your photos afterward.

Robin Khokhar

Robin Khokhar

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