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Everything You Need to Know About Hiring BigCommerce Developers

With so many great eCommerce platforms available, business leaders often struggle to choose the best one to host their websites. Among the...

Hiring BigCommerce Developers

With so many great eCommerce platforms available, business leaders often struggle to choose the best one to host their websites. Among the many top-quality platforms, BigCommerce has risen to be a popular choice because of its rich benefits and advanced features. Many modern-day digital retailers are hiring BigCommerce developers to build a customized e-store that makes selling easier. Therefore, if you are planning to create a new digital store for your business, consider hiring BigCommerce developers. In this blog, you will learn who BigCommerce developers are, how to hire them, and a lot more. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Who are BigCommerce Developers?

BigCommerce is a highly sought-after eCommerce platform for building top-notch online stores for different businesses. BigCommerce developers, as the name suggests, are IT experts who specialize in building eCommerce websites on this platform. These developers have extensive knowledge, skills, and experience in developing custom BigCommerce stores. Not just this, a reliable BigCommerce developer is expected to facilitate clients with a wide range of services associated with BigCommerce development. Some of the main services that these developers provide include custom store development, payment gateway integration, BigCommerce theme development, etc. Once you hire the best BigCommerce-certified developers, you can avail of all these services and more.

Top Benefits of Hiring Certified BigCommerce Developers

There are many benefits to hiring BigCommerce developers for your e-commerce store development project. Here, we have listed some of these top benefits that you must know before hiring a BigCommerce developer. Check them out below.

Build a Professional eCommerce Website

The competition in the online marketplace is getting cutthroat by the day. It means there’s almost no room for error if you want to be your customer’s top choice. This is why you must hire a professional BigCommerce developer to work on your eStore development. A certified BigCommerce developer will take care of every big and small element required to build a perfect eCommerce website. They have the knowledge and experience to prevent any errors and create a high-quality website that lures in more customers.

Optimize Your Online Store Effectively

A professional BigCommerce developer has abundant knowledge of the whole eCommerce store development process. They are aware of all the technical and non-technical aspects of BigCommerce which helps them build a robust eCommerce website. These IT experts are also familiar with the techniques to optimize your online store. Certified developers will make sure your website has a top-notch UI and UX. BigCommerce experts will also ensure that they build a website that ranks higher on search engines.

Save Your Valuable Time and Money

When you hand over your eStore development project to BigCommerce developers, you save time and money in the long run. These experienced professionals are less likely to create a website with errors. It means you don’t have to spend your time or money to fix bugs in the site. Skilled developers will custom-build your online store to meet your customer’s demands today and in the future. While they do so, you can simply relax or invest your energy in other important things that need your attention.

5 Tips to Hire the Best BigCommerce Developers

Now that you know some of the major benefits of hiring BigCommerce developers, you are probably planning to hire them. Allow us to make your search a little easier with our proven tips to shortlist and hire the best BigCommerce developers.

Consider Technical Expertise

To hire the right developer for BigCommerce store development, first and foremost, you need to consider the candidate’s technical capabilities. Make sure you select developers with ample knowledge of different programming languages and databases. A BigCommerce developer must be well-versed in JavaScript, AJAX, XML, HTML5, MySQL, and NoSQL databases including MongoDB. Apart from this, determine whether or not the potential candidate has expertise in third-party integration and BigCommerce store migration.

Check Portfolios

The best way to evaluate the competency of any developer is to check their previous projects. So, when you are interviewing a candidate, don’t forget to ask for portfolios. By checking the previous projects the developer has worked on, you could get a better idea of their expertise. There is no shortage of top BigCommerce developers in the market for you to hire. But instead of taking their word for it when they say they are the best, simply check the type of projects that have been handled before. It will let you decide whether you should hire them or not.

Conduct Non-Technical Interviews

Along with assessing a BigCommerce developer’s technical skills, you must also ensure that they have strong interpersonal skills. Therefore, you should also conduct a non-technical interview round to determine how good the candidate’s communication skills are. Non-technical skills such as good communication, teamwork, leadership, time management, etc., are equally important to look for in any candidate. The need to evaluate these skills in a candidate becomes even more crucial when you hire BigCommerce developers remotely.

Discuss the Cost of Service

Different BigCommerce developers might charge differently depending on your project. But to avoid messing up your finances, you must set a budget and hire developers within that budget. Make sure you talk to a handful of developers to get an idea of the average cost of hiring. Once you know the cost, you can find the best developers to bring your vision of an online store to life. Discuss your needs with the BigCommerce developers and ask for an estimated quote. Make sure you have a flexible budget that can cover some unexpected expenses if needed.

Know Your Requirements Well

All these above-mentioned tips for hiring BigCommerce developers are of no use unless you know what it is that you want. Hence, the last but not least important tip we have is that you must sit with your team and document what you want from a BigCommerce developer. Create a list of tasks you require professional assistance with and hire developers accordingly. Consider a candidate’s proficiency based on these tasks and hire the one who best suits your project. Make sure you set these requirements based on your current needs and future trends.

How to Hire BigCommerce Developers?

In today’s digital world, business leaders across industries can hire the best BigCommerce developers according to their convenience. Below are three of the most popular ways through which people are hiring the top BigCommerce developers to work with them,

Hire In-House Developers

The first and most common way to hire a BigCommerce developer is through the in-house model. It is the oldest model in which you hire a local talent to work with you from the same physical location. Even though in-house hiring is still quite prominent, it has significantly been replaced by the newest hiring models like out staffing.

Opt for Outstaffing

When you hire BigCommerce developers through Outstaffing, you don’t have to worry about geographical limitations. In this model, you hire remote BigCommerce developers from anywhere in the world to augment your in-house team. Outstaffing lets you bring in the best remote resources and reduce overall operational costs such as infrastructure.

Look for Freelance BigCommerce Developers

Freelancing is yet another well-known hiring model that has been there for a while. But even though it has been successful, hiring freelancers is rarely the first preference for business leaders. It is so because hiring developers through models like out staffing is more credible and has a higher chance of making the development process less problematic for you.

To Sum It Up

Are you planning to hire BigCommerce developers for your eStore development? Then you might have your doubts about it. Thus, to help you out, we have shed light on nearly everything you need to know before you go about looking for the best BigCommerce experts. We have discussed the benefits of hiring BigCommerce developers like the fact that they build you a highly optimized professional website. Additionally, we also listed some basic tips to consider before hiring like evaluating the developer’s technical skills, checking portfolios, etc.

Lastly, we also talk about the three popular hiring options to choose from when you find the best BigCommerce developers. These options are in-house hiring, hiring through the out-staffing model, and hiring freelancers.

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