How to Repair SQL Database Table? Comprehensive Guide

Repair SQL Database Table

If you are an SQL Server database user and want to know how to repair an SQL database table? Look no further! In this technical post, we will learn quick steps to repair the SQL Server database table.

In Today’s era, SQL (Structured Query Language) Server database is one of the most widely used applications for storing, managing and retrieving crucial data. Many businesses and organizations use this for personal and business purposes. Tables in SQL Server databases are like spreadsheets in that they include rows and columns of crucial data. Each column represents a certain type of data (such as names or numbers), and each row has one record of that data. But sometimes, these SQL tables can get damaged or messed up, causing data loss or errors.

In this technical blog, we’ll show you how to repair a table in SQL Server. Let’s get started…

Reasons For SQL Database Table Corruption

There are various reasons why a SQL database table might become corrupt. Some common causes include:

  1. Abrupt power failures

  2. Hardware Problem

  3. Software Bugs or glitches

  4. Virus or Malware Infection

  5. Human Mistake

Now let’s delve into the step-by-step guide on how to repair the SQL Server database table. We’ll cover both manual and professional solutions to recover deleted SQL tables without any hassle.

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How to Repair Table in SQL Server? Different Techniques

There are various solutions available to repair corrupted tables in SQL Server databases. Here we mentioned the best ones-

  1. Manual Solution (Error-prone method)

  • SSMS

  • T-SQL Command

  1. Automated Solution (Expert Suggested Utility)

Solution 1: How to Repair SQL Database Table? Manually

Follow the below-mentioned steps easily to recover deleted tables in SQL Server-

  1. Launch and run the SQL Server Management Studio on your system and connect to the SQL Server instance.

  2. In the Object Explorer window, navigate to the database and expand the “Tables” folder to find the corrupt table in SQL Server.

  3. Right-click on the corrupt table choose the “Script Table as” option and then select “CREATE To” > “New Query Editor Window”. This creates a script to recreate the table’s structure.

  4. After that, run the script to drop the corrupt table and recreate it with the same structure.

Solution 2: Recover Deleted SQL Table Using T-SQL Commands

If you accidentally deleted a SQL Server table, then you can recover and repair the table in SQL Server using the Transact-SQL or T-SQL command.

Follow the below-mentioned steps carefully-

  1. Go through the below-mentioned steps to learn how to repair the SQL database table.

    • dbcc checkdb(‘ Name_of_Database’ , REPAIR_REBUILD
  2. If the database cannot be repaired, then you can try the following

    • dbcc checkdb(‘ Name_of_Database’ , REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS

Highlighted: It is essential to note that any mishap during this task execution can lead to significant data loss. Once the tables and other data get successfully repaired, make sure to reset the database to multi-user mode

Solution 3: How to Repair SQL Server Database Table? Professional Solution

If you are seeking a practical and reliable solution to repair & recover corrupted SQL Server database files, then consider using the SysTools SQL Database Recovery Tool. This tool effectively recovers database objects like – tables, triggers, stored procedures, functions, views, etc. With this, users can export their table records into CSV file format without any trouble.

Moreover, it supports both ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) and Unicode XML datatype.

Follow the below-mentioned step-by-step procedure to repair the table in the SQL Server –

  1. Install and run the application on your Windows machine and click “open” to upload the MDF file.

  2. Thereafter, Select the scan mode and choose the SQL Server version based on your needs. Make sure to check the recovered deleted dialogue box to recover deleted data.

  3. The software displays all the data files on the left panel. After that, hit the Export option to learn How to repair the SQL database table.

  4. Afterwards, Fill in the required details in the export wizard and click on the export button to repair the corrupt SQL Server table.


This technical guide highlighted the best and most reliable solution for repairing the corrupted table in the SQL Server database. We have discussed two approaches – the manual method (error-prone solution) and a professional solution (safe and secure method). Whether you are using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), T-SQL command or a professional solution, these methods will help recover deleted tables in SQL Server. However, the manual method requires extra precaution to complete the task. Therefore, we strongly suggested an option for the professional solution to fix the user query on “How to repair SQL database table?



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