5 Productivity Tips for Mastering Microsoft 365

5 Productivity Tips for Mastering Microsoft 365

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier. From how we communicate right through to helping us choose the best route to the office – if technology isn’t making you a more productive person, either the tech is outdated, or you’re doing it wrong.

Getting more done in less time is the cornerstone of efficiency, and promoting a productive workspace is paramount for all leaders and managers. The only way to get a better team is to train them to use the resources around them to save them time during a hectic workday.

Most software companies release newer and better versions of their programs annually, with Microsoft being no different. If you don’t take the time to learn the latest version, it will have the opposite effect on your productivity because you won’t know how to make the most of the update.

Below are five productivity tips for mastering Microsoft 365:

1. More Devices

With Office 365, your team can stay on the same page no matter where they are. Your employees can access and edit their documents on their mobiles and tablets with Office 365 apps.

With a wide range of functions like editing, checking out visuals, and creating presentations on the go, your team can make the most of their morning commute to work. Teams within the same organization can stay connected, meaning no one misses anything – even from across the globe.

2. End To Extras

One of the best things about Microsoft 365 is that it affords your employees the ability to stay in sync with one another. That eliminates the need for endless versions of the same thing being saved in various locations.

From individual presentations to group projects, everything can be accessed in real-time. That means no more “final, final†copies of a document. Too much time is lost to the stress and confusion of multiple versions of the same document.

End the scrambling to check and double-check versions before submitting them by using SharePoint. SharePoint means everyone can work on the same document and the changes are saved in real-time as your team works. Just make sure your team is trained using eLearning.

3. Automated Tasks

When getting to know Microsoft 365, pay attention to this M365 license matrix – that will give you a better idea of what you’ll be working with and how it will make your team that much more productive.

M365 allows your team to automate repetitive tasks like inviting groups of people to meetings. These tasks can now be automated to perform functions that waste time.

4. Excelling at Excel

The newest version of Excel for M365 includes multiple impressive features that help your team work faster and more accurately. Businesses are now able to use forecasts from historical data like they never have in the past.

With features like creating charts based on time-based data, these new functional calculations help to eliminate errors and ensure smooth processes.

5. Keyboard Shortcuts

Teach your team all the keyboard shortcuts they need to work faster and more effectively. Many people think they know shortcuts until they research them and discover just how many there really are.

Excel is jam-packed with keyboard shortcuts, making it easier to use and navigate. That is fantastic news for anyone who finds spreadsheets intimidating. Shortcuts are perfect for employees with limited mobility or vision issues as they eliminate the need to use the mouse.

Follow these five simple tips, and your team will soon be performing at its best!


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