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How to take part in the TikTok Photo Editing Trend?

If you are getting started on TikTok, and you heard people talk about the photo editing trends that take place on it,...

How to take part in the TikTok Photo Editing Trend?

If you are getting started on TikTok, and you heard people talk about the photo editing trends that take place on it, you may wonder how you can get in on all the fun, yourself. It is not so difficult to do, as we will explain below. All you need is to follow precisely the settings, and you should fit right in. Here is how to go about it. 

What is a Photo Editing Trend?

If you wonder: What is a trend in photo editing on TikTok? Here is the short answer. Users of this app tend to follow other people that use special settings on their photos, to provide them with a look that is exactly the same. When you enter into the settings of a picture, there is a lot you can change. Whenever you move one of the lines to the left or to the right, it will customize your picture very differently. This way, you can bring more warmth to a photo (adding to the red) or make it colder (trending towards blue). But there are so many settings on a picture, that if you want to be exactly alike, you have to know the precise ones that they have used, which is possible as you look at the filter that they installed on it. Also, most of the most famous photo editing trends on TikTok have articles written about them online, describing precisely the settings that have been used on them, to arrive at the final product. 

Each social media has its own internal unwritten rules of use. Although TikTok may look a lot like Instagram, in some ways, they are completely different. On Instagram, you can be extremely commercial in the way that you post things. In fact, people adhere to brands, as they want to see more products that they put out, through images on social media. If you were to do the same on TikTok, you would soon find yourself losing followers, instead of gaining some. This is just an example of how different all social media are at their core. This leads us to the movement of trends inside TikTok.

On this app, members try to make others laugh, by any means. It is the “entertainment” social app, per excellence. Individuals find music, videos, or photos that are already known, and they play around with them, to create a new meaning. When it works (i.e.: when it is funny), other TikTok users will copy the post by using different sounds or images, added to the base of the original post. This is how a photo editing trend can get started on this app if you find the right elements to make people laugh.

For sure, you will find yourself facing many trends, when you start using TikTok. You can get in on them, just as long as you make sure that you don’t find yourself at the end of the wave. Otherwise, people can think that you are a late-bloomer, and it won’t bring you more followers. 


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