5 Ways to Get Creative with Your Social Media

5 Ways to Get Creative with Your Social Media

Social media has many purposes, and while some use it for practical reasons – such as communication or marketing – many people also use it as a way for them to express their creativity. 

However, even if you do use your social media for professional reasons, you can still try being more creative with what you post as well as how you post it. This will likely make it enjoyable for you and also entertain your followers more. 

Of course, to do this, you first need to know how you can get creative with your social media, and this post is here to help you with this. 

Use different formats

You may get stuck into the habit of only posting one type of format on your social media – such as only posting photos on Instagram. However, most social media platforms have a few different options for what format your posts can be, and playing around with these could help you explore your creativity more. 

You can post long or short videos, try adding multiple photos to a post at once or even add some animations to your social media platform. This may sound hard, but it doesn’t have to be. VistaCreate can make people remember you through animated videos.

Create interesting captions

Social media is mostly seen as a visual platform, which is why people spend ages making sure that their photos or videos look good. 

And while this is, of course, important, you shouldn’t slack off when it comes to your captions, as they often provide just as much entertainment to your audience. You can also get creative with unique fonts, funny catchphrases, or jokes in your captions. Just be sure that your captions aren’t inappropriate – for example, if you are using Instagram marketing for your business, you need to make sure that your captions are professional.

Take risks

The odds are that once you find something that works for you on social media – whether that’s a particular posting schedule or a format for your posts – you will stick to it. After all, you can’t fix what’s not broken, right?

And while it makes sense that you will want to stick with what’s proven to be successful, it’s worth it to take a risk now and then and try something new. 

Sure, this may not work every time. There will be times when you will try a new strategy and it will fail. But now and then, taking a risk can really pay off, so don’t limit yourself too much when it comes to your social media. 

Think about your color scheme

As mentioned, social media is mostly visual, which means that your color scheme will come into play a lot. If you want aesthetically pleasing social media, all of your posts should have similar colors, or at least colors that work well together. You may prefer muted colors or bright colors, for example. Either one is fine, as long as all of your posts are cohesive in the end. 

If you have business brand colors, you should also try to incorporate those into your social media posts. If you’re still in the process of choosing your brand colors, this post might be helpful.

Open yourself up to inspiration 

You may feel dried up like you simply have no creativity left in you. In this case, you may simply need a burst of inspiration. You can find inspiration anywhere, but of course, the easiest method would be to look at other people’s social media for ideas.

Keep in mind, though, that this doesn’t mean you should ever copy someone else’s posts. Rather try to determine what you like about their posts and then think of unique ways that you can incorporate that into your style without plagiarizing their ideas. 

That being said, you may get sucked in and end up spending hours scrolling on social media, so it can be a good idea to try to limit your screen time.

In conclusion 

Social media’s first function is to bring people together, but it can also be so much more than that. More and more people are valuing the fact that social media is a way for people to express themselves creatively in many ways.

Hopefully, this post gave you some ideas that you can use for your own social media next time you feel like you’re lacking in creativity. In the end, you should remember that everyone is different, so find a way of being creative on social media that works for you.

Shrawan Choudhary

Shrawan Choudhary

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