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How To Manage Documents On Computer And Transfer Them To Your iPhone?

Every person has several important managing documents on the computer. Even though it is easier to organize your files on the computer,...

manage documents on computer

Every person has several important managing documents on the computer. Even though it is easier to organize your files on the computer, you cannot take your computer everywhere you go. Thus, having the files on your iPhone can be a better option.

Once you transfer the managed documents from your computer to your iPhone, you will be able to view and access them anytime you want, for study, work, or even leisure. For the ease of tasks like these, it is vital to learn the skill of file transferring from computer to iPhone.

Fortunately, with technological advancement, you can transfer documents from your computer to your iPhone in several ways. Below are the five easiest methods to help you get started:

How To Transfer & manage Documents on Computer To iPhone?

The type of file you want to move to your iPhone may vary from your favorite photo albums to some videos for viewing or transferring a document to your iPhone to study or share with fellows. All of this is practically possible by applying the mentioned methods below.

It all varies with the document kinds you plan on transferring; the ideal method for you would differ. Keep reading for some life-saving details for each technique that suits particular situations.

Method 1: How To Move Files From Computer To iPhone Using iCloud Drive (For Free)?

Suitable for: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Documents

iCloud Drive works as Dropbox for an apple device. While using iCloud Drive, you can store your documents in iCloud and view them on iCloud.com, your computer, and iOS gadgets. In this way, when you turn on iCloud Drive, you can move documents from PC to iPhone without iTunes. If the files you need to move to your iPhone are documents, utilizing iCloud Drive is a decent decision for you.

Transfer Files To Your iPhone With iCloud For Windows By Following These Steps:

Step 1: Open the iCloud control panel on your computer and log in with your iPhone Apple ID in use.

Step 2: Tap on the checkbox near “iCloud Drive” to tick the option.

Step 3: In “This PC”, you will see a folder named “iCloud Drive”. In case you can’t find it, you can cover “Quick Access” in Windows to have an attempt.

Step 4: Reorder the documents you need to move into the iCloud Drive folder.

Step 5: Open the “Settings” application on your iPhone and tap [your name] > “iCloud” > “iCloud Drive”.

Step 6: Go to the “Documents” application and tap “Browse”> “iCloud Drive”. Then you should see the files from your computer that exist on your iPhone.

Method 2: How to Copy Files from Computer to iPhone Through iCloud Photos?

When you want to have photos transferred on your iPhone, try using iCloud Photos rather than iCloud Drive. iCloud Drive is a file-oriented app and thus can only assist you with the transfer of certain documents to your iPhone. Fortunately, iCloud has additionally given the solution for you to transfer images from a computer to iPhone. Ensure you are utilizing a similar Apple ID on both your devices and afterward follow to perceive how to move documents from computer to iPhone without iTunes.

Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Click on “Settings” > [your name] > “iCloud” > “Photos” and turn on “iCloud Photos”.

Step 2: Transfer photos from your computer to iCloud.

Step 3: View the photos in the “Photos” application on your iPhone.

Method 3: How To Transfer Files From Computer To Your iPhone Using Dropbox?

Suitable for: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Photos, HTML, PDFs, Text.

Other cloud services apart from iCloud include Dropbox which can assist you in transferring the documents on the computer to your iPhone efficiently. Usually, these cloud services come with free storage space and free trials. So, you can avail of the storage offered by free versions.

To transfer files from your computer to your iPhone using Dropbox:

Step 1: Install Dropbox on both the computer and the iPhone. After the download, log in with the same account on both devices.

Step 2: Click and launch Dropbox on your computer to transfer the documents you need to have on your iPhone.

Step 3: On your iPhone, open Dropbox to review and download the files to your iPhone.

Method 4: How to Move Documents from Computer to iPhone through Email (for Free)?

Supports: Photos, music, videos, documents.

This is the most straightforward approach to moving documents to your iPhone – by sending yourself an email. You don’t need to compose a subject; only an address would be sufficient.

Utilizing this method, you cannot just move documents from your computer to your iPhone, yet can likewise know how to transfer pdf to your iPhone. Nevertheless, the issues with this strategy are quite self-evident. There are numerous restrictions: the size of the documents, the timings due to connectivity issues, etc. To be safe from facing such issues, you can try going for other successful methods.

Step 1: Compose an email on your computer and add the documents you need to move as attachments.

Step 2: Mail on your account and browse the Email on your iPhone.

Step 3: Install the attachment on your iPhone.

Method 5: How to Transfer Documents from Computer to iPhone Using iTunes?

Support: Photos, Audiobooks, Videos, Podcasts, Music

If the documents you want to transfer are stored in iTunes, you may want to move them to your iPhone from the computer through iTunes. It is commonly realized that iTunes helps move documents from computer to iPhone but with data loss on your iPhone. This occurs as the newly synced items replace the media files like music, ringtones, movies, etc. that are currently present on your iPhone.

To move files from computer to iPhone with iTunes:

Step 1. Connect your computer to the iPhone and launch iTunes.

Step 2. Open the iPhone and click on trust the computer.

Step 3. Tap on the “Device” tab and select the type, like Photos, Music, Movies, etc.

Step 4. Tick on “Sync [category]” and select the files you would prefer to move.

Step 5. Click “Apply” to begin moving the files to your iPhone.

As you have seen, there is a “File Sharing” option in iTunes. File Sharing is a feature that will assist you with sharing files from your computer and an application on your iPhone. It is chiefly used to move documents to your computer from an application on your iPhone or vice versa. You are advised to use this feature to move documents made by applications like Pages, Keynote, and Numbers from your iPhone computer or vice versa.

The Bottom Line

Most of the methods mentioned above to move documents from the computer to the iPhone could also be practical when the aim is to duplicate the data from the iPhone to the computer. In case you want to move documents from Windows 10 to iPhone or vice versa, these tips will be excellent guidance. Each person may use the one best-suited method that fits his or her needs well.

Even though there are plenty of free options to move your files from your computer to your iPhone, the method that offers a high level of flexibility and works best for them will be the ideal one!


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