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Why Node JS development Is Still Considered As The Platform Of Choice For App developers?

The hype for NodeJS is not unknown to anyone. There are plenty of reasons why developers as well as mobile app development...

node js development

The hype for NodeJS is not unknown to anyone. There are plenty of reasons why developers as well as mobile app development company are loving node js development for app.

Basically, NodeJS helps in simplifying the job of web application development which helps in building cost-efficient and effective applications in the least expected time.

As businesses focus on productivity and ideas, NodeJS becomes the ideal solution for real-time application development as well as a cross-platform runtime environment.

Its support for JavaScript is another reason why developers are using this framework to implement various applications.

Though it is a bit difficult to understand for beginners, it is not at all complicated. If we consider the way all jobs are done in NodeJS, it is the most favorable framework among all.

We can easily integrate a two-way client/server communication and use it in various web development companies.

NodeJS has the ability to distribute the workload to multiple service providers and client requests and a developer can extract all the necessary tools and information from this one framework.

If a Node JS development company or individual is looking for something that can generate dynamic content of creating and reading or deleting files that are present on the server in the easiest possible manner, NodeJS is the one for them.

The Reasons That Make Node JS development is A Great Choice For App Developers

1. Speedy

The framework uses a V8 engine that is powered by Google. This helps the framework to compile the JavaScript codes into a native device run at a better speed.

This is one of the reasons why companies hire NodeJS developers instead of other developers.

Enterprises can expect developers to provide them with high-quality mobile applications in the least possible time. The speed of development and execution both are very fast and that helps companies a lot.

2. Easy Sharing

It is very easy to share with NodeJS. There are no other frameworks that provide a developer with so much ease of sharing.

The reason why it allows developers to share so easily is the NPM or the Node Package Manager. There is a storehouse that contains more than 50,000 files and they help designers of mobile applications to make all necessary provisions before they start the project.

This is something that helps the developers to share, refresh, and reuse the code without putting in too many efforts.

3. Ability To Create Real-Time node js Web Applications

For mobile app development companies that are looking for an efficient yet easy-to-use framework for developing great real-time web applications, NodeJS is perfect for their needs.

This framework supports web application development using an event-based and non-blocking server.

There are many frameworks that can be used in order to develop real-time web applications but there might not be one like this.

There are many features and the ease of development is what makes it different from all others.

4. Single Codebase

Developers can work easily on both sides of an application or a website from a single codebase. This makes the development process easy and also decreases development time.

Also, it allows developers to focus on improving the application rather than using the code correctly.

This also reduces the compile time. Also, the companies working on this will not have to hire dedicated developers who know a lot of codebases.

JS is the one that can be used to develop both the front and the backend of an application using this framework.

5. Streaming Of Data

A framework can only be best when the data is flowing easily and efficiently through it. NodeJS provides great I/O handling features to a developer that they can use to improve the application’s functionality.

There might be other mobile app development frameworks but none of them can provide data streaming features as this one does.

6. Utilizing The JavaScript Skills Of Developers

There is no developer in the mobile app development industry who might not have developed anything in JavaScript.

JavaScript is something that can single-handedly help a NodeJS development company to build a website.

This can be done by utilizing all the JavaScript skills of developers. NodeJS provides great features that allow companies to develop web applications as well.

This means that companies could hire a web app developer and a mobile app developer and they can have the same skill set.

7. Simplified Hosting

There are many open-source development companies and all of them are now working on NodeJS because it provides a simple hosting facility.

This is something that most small companies and startups find difficult. There are many frameworks but still, there is none that has simplified hosting as NodeJS has.

This is something that offers help to a mobile app development company that wants to host over PaaS services.

8. Productivity Boom

This is a feature that has attracted a lot of developers and development companies towards this framework.

All the companies in the world want a framework that can increase their productivity so they can manage their projects in a better way.

There are many projects that a mobile application development company has to handle and with a framework like this, it only becomes possible to achieve their completion in time.

9. Using NodeJS For Proxy Server

A development company can use NodeJS for a lot of things that can help them with mobile app development.

Developers have to just use a 20-line code to use NodeJS as a proxy server. That is a great feature that people might not know about.

Companies can hire developer NodeJS development in order to understand and implement its other benefits as well.

10. SEO-Friendly

For any web and mobile app development company, SEO is a crucial and one of the most important factors in order for them to sustain in the market.

NodeJS provides backend rendering that helps a website to become more visible. As search engines have the ability to optimize React projects better, websites that are built in this framework improve the SEO projects along with providing a quality user experience.


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NodeJS is without any doubt the most popular JS framework. The developers have worked hard to make it what it is now.

After a lot of updates and improvements in all of them, even after being in competition with so many frameworks, it is considered to be a great choice.

There are more benefits that a mobile application development company can have when they use Node JS development instead of any other framework.


Benefits of Using Node.js For Web Applications

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