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Introducing new AI-powered audio editing features to Premiere Pro, Adobe aims to make editing chores easier, like finding specific tools or fixing...

Introducing new AI-powered audio editing features to Premiere Pro, Adobe aims to make editing chores easier, like finding specific tools or fixing low-quality dialogue, by eliminating some of the tiresome footwork. Today marks the beginning of new workflows in Premiere Pro’s public beta. One such feature is interactive fade handles, which let users drag and drop them right into their main editing timeline to create personalized audio transitions. All Premiere Pro customers will also be able to access the Enhanced Speech beta feature shortly.

When will you get the AI feature in Adobe Premiere Pro?

Premiere Pro beta users will also notice new features, such as audio category tagging powered by artificial intelligence that can distinguish between dialogue, music, sound effects, and ambient noise. Another improvement is an interactive badge that should make it easier to locate specific editing tools, cutting down on the amount of “mouse mileage” users have to put in. The Essential Sound panel, which gives quick access to the most utilized tools for editing that specific audio clip, is opened when the assigned category badge is clicked. Audio effects may now be applied more quickly, and clips with effects applied can be more easily identified from the timeline thanks to the revised clip badges.

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Among the other enhancements to Premiere Pro’s quality of life are the ability to use waveforms, visual representations of sound patterns, automatic resizing in response to changes in track height in the editing timeline, and improved clip visibility through updated coloration. The goal is to provide editors with greater visual control over their timelines so they may create a layout that works best for them.

Anyone with a Premiere Pro subscription to the main app on Creative Cloud can use the Premiere Pro beta, a separate application. Creatives can play around with experimental features before they’re available in the main Premiere Pro program by installing them from the Beta apps page of the Creative Cloud desktop launcher. Both versions can coexist on the same PC.

Take Enhanced Speech, for instance. It’s a function that automatically fixes poorly recorded conversations by eliminating background noise and making it more transparent. Adobe hasn’t announced a specific date, but it will be available to all Premiere Pro customers in February.


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