Samsung Galaxy AI is here to change the world

New phones from Samsung are set to be unveiled this week, and they will feature more artificial intelligence than any phones before...

New phones from Samsung are set to be unveiled this week, and they will feature more artificial intelligence than any phones before them. Following the “Put a ChatGPT on it” CES 2024, that’s not an assumption, though it would be simple. Nope. Samsung is telling us loud and clear, even going so far as to put it on the Sphere—the equal of yelling it from the rooftops in 2024. However, how does AI manifest on a mobile device? There have only been a few technical demonstrations so far. The Galaxy Unpacked event this week is a chance to demonstrate the possibilities of mobile AI. Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to be far more helpful on our phones than a washing machine preloaded with ChatGPT.

Artificial intelligence made a big splash in 2023, but it has yet to be a game-changer for our mobile gadgets. The enormous language models that drive chatbots like ChatGPT just can’t run on our phones, and that has been the truth of our present technology. A ChatGPT program that executes cloud-based queries is available for download but will not notify you if a critical email has arrived. Things are beginning to change, though. In October, Google released the Pixel 8 Pro, which could run its foundation models locally. Following this, updates powered by artificial intelligence were promised. However, just two have shown up thus far, and they could be more spectacular.

Samsung Galaxy AI

All About Samsung Galaxy AI Feature

I jumped at the chance to utilize the new Samsung Galaxy AI transcript summarization feature in the December software update since I am a huge fan of the Pixel Recorder app. On the other hand, it appears to have issues with recordings longer than 10 minutes. Many of my recordings were, therefore, excluded. Video Boost—also known as Night Sight for videos—also appeared as part of the same upgrade. It’s alright, but the cloud processing can take an hour or two, and the effects aren’t as spectacular as Night Sight for still images.

However, there is an even more encouraging development underway. Last year, during the Pixel launch event, Google introduced Assistant with Bard, an artificial intelligence chatbot inspired by ChatGPT. Bard wasn’t the most groundbreaking Samsung Galaxy AI when it first came out, but its usefulness has improved. Making it into an assistant who can do more complicated tasks than just setting a timer would be a good start. Also, according to the Unpacked teaser images from Samsung, Bard could be included in this week’s developments.

Is it possible that Bard will be available at launch for the Galaxy S24 series? If Bixby were involved, where would he be? Do you recall Bixby? Launching its AI extravaganza with a competitor’s phone seems strange for Google, but Samsung sells far more Android phones than Google does. These foes may become even closer allies in the age of artificial intelligence.


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