Microsoft AI for The New Era of Retail Shopping

Microsoft has introduced fresh AI and data tools to update retailers for the digital era.

These additions expand Microsoft’s existing cloud platform for the retail industry. They use Copilot, Microsoft’s new AI assistant, employing advanced models like GPT-4 to boost productivity.

Microsoft AI

Customize through Microsoft AI

Microsoft has upgraded its Cloud for Retail platform by adding Copilot 

templates, integrating OpenAI’s generative AI into Azure.

These tools aim to assist retailers in offering personalized shopping experiences akin to having a personal shopper for each customer.

The objective is to meet the expectations of modern consumers who prefer personalized interactions while shopping online or in stores.

Retailers can prompt customers to add more items to their shopping carts by tailoring product suggestions and deals.

The Copilot templates use generative AI to dynamically create unique content for each customer, helping retailers build stronger connections and increase sales through personalized shopping experiences.

Benefit for Retail Associates

Microsoft is giving a sneak peek of tools to boost productivity for retail workers.

These tools assist sales associates and store staff in quickly accessing information while helping customers. For instance, an AI assistant allows workers to ask questions naturally on their mobile devices and receive relevant data.

Microsoft is creating these AI retail tools in response to a request from retail employees for more digital technologies that can simplify their daily tasks.

Microsoft Fabric for Data Insights

The company is addressing the challenge of scattered retail data through new tools in its Microsoft Fabric platform.

This involves creating a standard data structure for the retail industry, establishing connections for e-commerce systems, and providing ready-made templates for analytics, such as identifying items frequently purchased together by customers.

The aim is to assist retailers and brands in bringing together their data sources and make extracting insights from AI more straightforward.

Generative AI for marketing

Microsoft is blending its Copilot AI into Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, the marketing analytics platform, to aid in crafting campaigns. The AI can suggest ideas for projects and recommend content for campaigns.

Microsoft introduced a Creative Studio feature utilizing AI in the Retail Media advertising platform. This tool assists retail advertisers in swiftly creating and customizing banner ads to enhance campaign results and target specific audiences.


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