Apple Prepares to Bring Thinner iPhones, MacBooks, and Apple Watch Models

Apple Prepares to Bring Thinner iPhones, MacBooks and Apple Watch Models

Apple plans to bring thinner iPhones, MacBooks, and Apple Watch models as early as 2025. According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple is now focused on developing a ‘significantly skinnier’ iPhone 17 to be released in 2025.

The company shifted from the trend of thin and light devices to accommodate bigger batteries, more powerful processors, ports, and cameras. The Macbook Pro, Apple Watch, and iPhone became thicker over the years to accommodate the features mentioned above.

However, with the new iPad Pro that came out in May, Apple has now shifted its sights to thinner and slimmer devices. The newly launched iPad did not compensate for any features with its new look. The super-thin tablet came out with the same battery life as previous models. It also has a powerful M4 chip and an improved screen.

The thinner iPhones are assumed to be released with the iPhone 17 lineup in 2025. The iPhone 15 which is the latest iPhone released measures to be 7.8 mm in thickness. The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max both have an 8.4 mm thickness. The third-generation iPhone SE is currently the thinnest iPhone. It was released on March 18, 2022, and measures to be 2.9 mm thick.

Apple also plans to make the MacBook Pro and Apple Watch thinner. Recent MacBook Pros increased in thickness to accommodate more features whereas the MacBook Air models had fewer ports in exchange for a slimmer design.

Additionally, the Apple Watch is expected to have a thinner chassis compared to its predecessors. It is speculated that the Apple Watch Series 10 will have a thinner design with a larger display.  

Upcoming iPhone 16 Line Up

The iPhone 16 line-up is yet to be released. It is expected to include changes such as a larger display on the Pro models. It is assumed the iPhone Pro Max will see an increased change from a 6.7-inch display to a 6.9-inch display. The iPhone Pro model may also increase to a 6.3-inch display in place of the current 6.1-inch display on the current iPhone Pro.


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    while Apple iPhone 17 is expected to be a lot thinner next year, which could end up becoming the company’s thinnest iPhone to date or the slimmest smartphone in the industry but they should more adapt new features and innovation rather than repeating its past designs especially back with camera…nice post by the way