Apple To Launch iPhone SE 4 in 2025

Apple enthusiasts can expect a new add-on in the iPhone SE series, the iPhone SE 4. Special new features are rumored to...

iPhone SE

Apple enthusiasts can expect a new add-on in the iPhone SE series, the iPhone SE 4. Special new features are rumored to be included in the upcoming iPhone.

Apple smartphones are considered to be the world’s best smartphone. Reports show that iPhone 14 and 15 have been the largest-selling smartphones for the year 2023. This report proves the impact the Apple iPhones have on the market. 

Although being the finest smartphone out there, Apple has always struggled to keep up with the price of its product. A lot of customers have found iPhones to be pretty much expensive. With this in mind, Apple introduced the iPhone SE series on March 21st, 2016. This line of smartphones was designed with a focus on affordability. Not only was it a success but iPhone became people’s favourite. 

Eventually, Apple would continue to make more iPhones and more versions of the SE series. But there was eventually a fall in the sales of the SE models. It felt like Apple offered more advanced features in the higher-priced iPhones which the SE missed out, And other brands for the same price were still giving a good deal. 

Apple Plans To Launch iPhone SE 4

Apple might launch its next iPhone SE 4 by 2025. The company has been pointing out hints in their interviews lately. Many insider reports confirm that Apple is already in production of the iPhone SE 4 and might launch by 2025. A lot of leaked designs, specifications, and features have been in circulation over the internet lately. Let’s take a look at what the phone has to offer:

New Design and Bigger Display

The iPhone might have a bigger display as compared to the previous models with a display of 6.1-inch OLED screen. The phone might as well receive a notch like the iPhone 13. The phone is likely to lose its legendary touch ID features promoting the Face ID features.

Upgraded Camera and Processor

The SE currently runs on the Bionic A15 chipset, seen in the iPhone 13 as well. However, iPhone SE 4 might run on the A16 Bionic chipsets which power the iPhone 14 Pro and 15 non-pro models. The upcoming phone is said to feature a singular camera similar to its previous models. Users are that Apple might opt for a 48MP camera sensor, which will be a much-needed upgrade from the current iPhone SE 2022’s 12MP shooter.
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Price and Launch Date

The SE 4 is still in its development stage and will not be available until 2025. No release date has yet been confirmed by Apple. There might be a hike in the price concerning the new chipset installed in the model, along with new additional features.

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