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Things to Consider Before Buying the Latest iPhone

The Apple brand has made it even more difficult to make a decision on which iPhone to buy. Over the past few...

Things to Consider Before Buying the Latest iPhone

The Apple brand has made it even more difficult to make a decision on which iPhone to buy. Over the past few years, the establishment launched the iPhone 8plus and iPhone 8 and also included the iPhone X in its mix. Deciding to buy an iPhone is ten times harder. So in this article, we’re going to highlight some key factors you need to consider before buying the latest iPhone. 


iPhones have always been costly. The cheapest iPhone 8 starts selling at $688, the X will cost you anything from $999 and the Plus will cost you $799 going up. That excludes the price you’ll pay for tax, additional storage, and Apple Care. That said, if you happen to be on a tight budget you might as well eliminate the iPhone X from your shopping list. Or think about signing up for the Apple Upgrade Program that allows you to settle the payment of your phone during a 24-month payment term. This option also gives you the allowance to upgrade to the latest make as soon as you’ve paid half of the total cost. 


If money is not an issue, the next thing to keep in mind is size. The iPhone 8 Plus provides you with a larger 5.5-inch screen but is greatly thicker. The iPhone 8 has a 4.7-inch screen which is easier to maneuver with one hand, but you’ll need to understand that you will lose about an inch of screen time. When it comes to a comfortable size, the iPhone X model is stuck between the two. When it comes to weight and size, the X has a bigger 5.8-inch screen compared to the iPhone Plus. If you want cool cases to go with your iPhone you can discover here any design you like. 


All these iPhone models come with Apple’s True Tone technology that changes as the screen becomes warm, but the 8 plus and iPhone 8 have retina displays that are HD. The iPhone X has additional pixels for each inch and also has a Super Retina display. The iPhone X also uses HDR and OLED tech for all its displays, which create stronger blacks, deeper colors, and clearer images. The only disadvantage is that you’ll have to tolerate the curvy edges and black notch whenever you tune into a video. 

Home Button

On the iPhone X, the only thing you won’t get is a home button. During Apple’s 10th anniversary the home button was done away with. This now means you’re going to need to learn a brand new method to control your phone depending on your gestures. So if you have an attachment to the tangible home button, you may need to go for the other two alternatives. 

Final TipIf you want to buy an iPhone that is not for you, but for your little one. You will find that the iPhone is a family-friendly device because it grants parents control over what their children do online. It can stop them from creating big iTunes Store bills and protect them from various cybercriminals. All in all, we hope that the advice given will help you make a better decision before you go out and buy the latest iPhone model that suits your pocket and most importantly your style of sense.


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